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Lair of the Beasts: Monstrous Havoc

Hoax vs. Reality

By Nick Redfern     October 02, 2010

Monster Tales Of The Controversial Kind.
© Bob Trate


I’m sometimes asked by those who doubt the existence of such beasts as the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabras, the Abominable Snowman and more: do I think that the people I have interviewed about sightings of what appear to be unknown animals of a distinctly monstrous nature are lying or exaggerating to me?
Well, I have to say that, in the overwhelming majority of all the cases I’ve ever studied my answer is a firm and solid “no.” That said, however, there have been a few cases about which I have had my deep suspicions.
Gavin, who I was able to meet personally nearly a decade ago, claimed a truly sensational encounter with a Bigfoot-like entity in England back in the 1990s. The incident reportedly occurred within the depths of the nation’s spacious Cannock Chase woods, and at the site of one the area’s most famous attractions: namely, the Glacial Boulder. Made out of granite, the boulder is both large and impressive. It is also made highly curious by virtue of the illuminating fact that there are no natural granite out-crops anywhere in the area – at all.
Indeed, the nearest rock of this specific type can be found within the picturesque confines of the Lake District, which is more than 120 miles to the north, and on Dartmoor, Devonshire, no less than 165 miles to the south-west. The boulder itself, however, has been matched conclusively to a rocky outcrop at Cniffel in Dumfries & Galloway, which is over 170 miles from the Chase in the Southern Uplands of Scotland.
At some point during the last Ice Age, it is now generally accepted, the great boulder was apparently carried by the massive glaciers down the length of the British Isles and to its present location – and what would prove to be its final resting place - on the Cannock Chase.
As Gavin breathlessly explained his sensational story to me, it was on a winter’s night in 1997, when he and his girlfriend were parked in his car near the boulder, doing what courting couples have always done since the invention of the automobile, when his girlfriend suddenly let out a loud and hysterical scream: standing atop the boulder was a large hairy man, waving his arms in a wild, crazed fashion at the star-lit sky.
Gavin quickly jumped into the front seat of the car and floored the accelerator. Tires spun, dirt flew into the air, and the car shot away at high speed; but not before the creature supposedly succeeded in jumping onto the hood of his car. For five minutes, it valiantly hung on, before finally being thrown to the ground. Gavin looked in his rear-view mirror and was horrified to see that the creature was already back on its feet and running at high-speed into the depths of the surrounding countryside.
In fairness to the more skeptically minded, it must be said at this point that several other people who have also met Gavin are convinced that his tale is simply that: merely a tale (of the very tallest and most outrageous variety) and nothing more. For his part, however, Gavin has been careful – time and time again - to point out in response that he has nothing to gain – and just about absolutely everything to lose – by fabricating such a strange and unbelievable story.
And in that respect he is most certainly not wrong: claiming to all and sundry that you have seen a Bigfoot-type entity roaming around the Cannock Chase at night is, unfortunately, unlikely to result in anything other than the rolling of eyes, a distinct shaking of the head, and overwhelming hoots of both derision and laughter.
We can never prove that the controversial incident did not take place. And, of course, Gavin cannot prove that it did occur. Moreover, the admittedly sensational, and almost over the top, plotline suggests we would be very wise to keep this case firmly in our grey-basket. Unless, that is, you too have seen the monster of the Glacial Boulder and can add much welcome validation to the account of Gavin. And if you have, let me know!
Nick Redfern is the author of many books on the world of the paranormal, including his new book, Final Events, and the forthcoming The NASA Conspiracies.


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