Lair of the Beasts: A Monstrous Worm -

Lair of the Beasts: A Monstrous Worm

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Lair of the Beasts: A Monstrous Worm

A 50-Year Old Mystery

By Nick Redfern     June 22, 2012

September of this year will mark the 50th anniversary of one of the strangest and most mysterious creature-type reports to have ever crossed my path. It’s made even weirder by the fact that it was secretly investigated by the British Royal Air Force!

According to a now-declassified, six-page file titled “Unexplained Event’ at Avebury, Wilts.,” that had been prepared by a Royal Air Force officer, an extraordinary event of near-monstrous proportions, occurred within the old, famous, standing -stones of Avebury, Wiltshire, England on a September day way back in 1962. 

Early on the morning in question, a hysterical telephone call was received at a military base called RAF Melksham, situated only approximately fifteen miles from Averbury. The caller claimed to have seen a UFO hovering in the vicinity of the ancient standing stones at Avebury on the previous night and demanded that the military send someone to speak with her at the earliest opportunity. Or, rather: Right now. 

The files report that the witness – whose name has been excised from the declassified files by government censors to protect her privacy - had lived in Avebury all of her adult life and was fascinated by archaeological history. She told the investigating officer she often strolled around the stones at night, marvelling at their creation and musing upon their history. 

On the previous evening, the woman explained, while amid the stones she was both startled and amazed to see a small ball of light, perhaps no more than two feet in diameter, gliding slowly towards her. It was a plasma-like globe, quite unlike anything she had ever seen before. 

Transfixed and rooted to the spot, the woman watched as the plasma-ball closed in on her at a height of about twelve feet. The ball then stopped around fifteen feet from her, as small amounts of what looked like liquid metal slowly and silently dripped from it to the ground. Then, in an instant, the ball exploded in a bright, white flash. 

For a moment the witness was blinded by its intensity and she instinctively fell to her knees. When her eyes cleared, however, she was faced with a horrific sight. The ball of light had gone, but on the ground in front of her was what she could only describe as a monstrous, writhing worm. 

The creature, said the woman, was about five feet long, perhaps eight or nine inches thick, and its skin was milk-white in color. As she slowly rose to her feet, the creature’s head turned suddenly in her direction and two bulging eyes opened. When it began to move unsteadily towards the woman in a caterpillar-like fashion, she emitted a hysterical scream and fled the scene. 

Rushing back home, she slammed the door shut. The files reflect the witness had practically barricaded herself in her home, was almost incoherent with fear and agreed to return to the scene only after lengthy coaxing. After assuring the woman that her case would be taken very seriously and requesting that she discuss the events with no one, the officer headed back to RAF Melksham. 

A classified report was duly prepared and dispatched up the chain of command. For more than a week, plainclothes military personnel secretly wandered casually among the stones seeking out evidence of anything unusual. Nothing, evidence-wise, was ever found.

Notably, however, the conclusion of the investigating officer reads as follows: “Miss [Deleted] experienced something foreign to her normal surroundings. Whatever it may have been is beyond Royal Air Force investigators. It has the suggestion of flying saucers, and Miss [Deleted] admitted as much.” In jokey style, the officer closed his report with the following words: “For the worm, perhaps the Loch Ness Monster has moved house!”  

But, the witness definitely wasn’t laughing! 

Nick Redfern’s latest book, The Pyramids and the Pentagon, has just been published. 


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InnerSanctum 6/24/2012 1:12:24 PM

 Wow, could be a scene right out of Prometheus.  



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