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xenophon 3/15/2011 10:38:57 AM

In On the Track of Unknow Animals the Orang-Penk went by another name Senkpenk I believe but it has been a long time thirty years or more since I read the book and I am not sure that was the right spelling of the name. As to the search for the creature I look forward to the confrimation of existance also the Paterson film seems to have been confrim as being qenuie by the Histroy and National Geographic channels . And the Ameranthropoids Loysi photograph of the early last century recieve back up via the finding of five million year old fossials in South America thu the scientist did not seem to recondize the connection when the fossials were found heard about the find on CNN science and technology program a good show that has since been canncelled onfortunitly.



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