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karas1 5/27/2012 6:11:03 PM

Importing animals into islands, continents and other places they don't belong is one of the primary ways that humans are wrecking the environment.  In a way it's survival of the fittest.  Critters like the rat and the pigeon have followed humans all around the globe to the detriment of native populations of the creatures who lived there. 

Humans have deliberately released creatures into environments where they don't belong for a variety of reasons.  A farmer released rabbits into Australia as a semi domesticated livestock animal and they overran the continent.  Some idiot introduced a dozen pairs of starlings in Central Park in 18somethingorother because he wanted to introduce all the birds mentioned in Shakespear's plays into North America and they are now a serious agricurtual pest which costs farmers millions of dollars a year in lost crops.  Brown snakes hitched a ride to various Pacific islands with the US Army during WWII by stowing away in tanks and crates of supplies and they have successfully extincted many species of birds by eating them all up.

If the environment is good for them in England, I seriously doubt the English governmnet could eradicate the nutria.  They are a highly adaptable species.



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