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Laird Updates on a Live-Action/CG TMNT Sequel

Blending both mediums for the next installment.

By Jarrod Sarafin     September 09, 2008
Source: MTV

TMNT arrives August 8th, 2014
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The reports have been a bit back-and-forth in regards to the upcoming sequel TMNT 2. Some indicated another CG installment while others reported it being live-action. According to the latest, the sequel will be utilizing both mediums, live-action within the context of CG based technology. TMNT co-creator addressed the rumors to MTV;

Peter Laird: I have to say that I don’t know why Kevin was talking about something with which he has no involvement. The blurb he put on his website was very inaccurate. He has not been involved with any meetings in Northampton, nor any others related to a new “TMNT” movie, as far as I know. That being said, I can confirm that we have had several meetings with very interested people, and I think we are pretty close to making a deal. As owner of the TMNT property, I want to be the first to announce it at a time of my choosing (hopefully soon).

MTV: Why another live-action TMNT film, and why now?

PL: As it stands now, there is no intention of doing another live-action film like the first three, with actors and stuntmen in actual Turtle suits, contrary to what was said by Kevin. We have pretty much decided that the next “TMNT” movie should be what we’ve been calling a “hybrid” — that is to say, live-action humans and sets combined with very realistic CGI Turtles (and possibly some other CGI characters).

MTV: If the hybrid “TMNT” film moves forward, what type of story is it going to tell? Will it be an origin story or something in continuity with one of the other TMNT properties?

PL: The storyline for this new “hybrid” movie has not been settled on yet. We’re still batting some different ideas around. The sky’s the limit. My preference would be a story which fits into TMNT movie continuity in some way. But nothing has been decided.

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hanso 9/9/2008 7:29:37 PM
So it's gonna be like the Hulk.
ultrazilla2000 9/9/2008 8:02:21 PM
The Hulk, The Incredible Hulk, Transformers, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Spiderwick's going to be like a LOT of things.
Dazzler 9/10/2008 4:34:11 AM
Sounds like the creators don't like each other still. I never got that. You would think for the sake of the property they would get along in some regard. It's too bad they kiddied it up after the first live action movie which rules and holds up to this day.
Derahk 9/10/2008 6:19:18 AM
I would rather have physical turtles in a CG environment than, fake turtles in a real world environment. Despite what filmmakers think, you can not connect with a CG character. Hulk should have been done with the Lord of the Rings technology of making real people taller than they really are. That would have been infinitely more impressive.
AMiSHPiRATE 9/10/2008 6:59:53 AM
So it's going to cost a lot of money and flop. TMNT was a success because it was relatively cheap and didn't need to earn as much. Derahk, you're makin' me laugh, man. Lord of the Rings technology? You mean some people standing on apple boxes and some people dropping to their knees? I'm going to now use mouse-pad technology to allow my mouse to glide to the "Add" button.


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