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Lambert Wilson joins two films

By Karl Schneider     April 30, 2007
Source: Variety

According to Variety, Lambert Wilson has signed on to star in two upcoming features: Babylon A.D. and The Heaven Project.

Babylon A.D. follows a veteran-turned-mercenary (Vin Diesel) who agrees to escort a woman from Russia to Germany, not realizing that she's the host for an organism that a cult wants to harvest into a genetically-modified Messiah.  The Heaven project is a film written and directed by John Glenn.

Not much is known about Heaven, but Babylon A.D. plans to release on February 29, 2008.


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godsonfilm 4/30/2007 7:57:10 AM
"Host for an organism"... that statement sounds more alien or creature feature than she is pregnant with a baby... hmmm Can you imagine being told, "honey, I am now a host for your organism" by your wife? Creepy.
ponyboy76 4/30/2007 8:09:55 AM
Diesel should just do a sequel to Riddick. Babylon A.D. sounds like Cyborg and Children of Men.
fft5305 4/30/2007 10:42:37 AM
I'm all for any movie that gives an excuse to show a picture of Monica Bellucci.
Captmathman 4/30/2007 10:48:13 AM
Mildly interested, need more news/trailers.
TKay42one 4/30/2007 11:13:42 AM
Does anybody else here HATE Vin Diesel? I can picture it now: "Da things I'm gonna do for dis chick dat's carryin' some genetically-modified Messiah organism." Really, what good has he done since "Pitch Black", and even that wasn't was just pretty cool for being an "Aliens" rip off.
almostunbiased 4/30/2007 4:19:18 PM
I don't hate him. He was good in Pitch Black and what little he was in of Shaving Ryan's privates. But he's not my favorite. As for the movies, AD sounds interesting, and Heaven, well nothing really to say until they actually report something.


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