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  • Story and Art by: Mira Lee
  • Publisher: Net Comics
  • Rating: All Ages

Land of Silver Rain Vol. 1

By Janet Houck     May 25, 2007

"Land of Silver Rain Vol. 1" by Mira Lee
© Net Comics
For many readers, this will be their first experience with Korean mythology, in particular, dokebi. Dokebi are created when human hand-held objects, such as brooms or knives are discarded. They look exactly the same as humans, except they have horns and red hair. Much like fairies in Western mythology, dokebis often grant human wishes when they are treated well. They are known to be very playful, yet quick to anger.
Misty-Rain is a human child, abandoned as a baby in a cabbage patch. She was found and raised by a witch, who Misty-Rain believes to be her grandmother. Living now in the Dokebi world, Misty-Rain has black hair and no horns, until her patron, the Great King of Darkness, casts a spell to mask her human features. However, Misty-Rain can’t stay in the Dokebi world forever; until the age of thirteen, time flows at the same rate for humans and dokebis; after that, a year among the Dokebis is the equivalent of decades in the human world. Only naturally, Misty-Rain has no idea of this time limit. She is quite convinced that she is just another dokebi, with friends and rivals, such as the snobby Thornpricker. Misty-Rain doesn’t think that there’s anything special about the fact that she can freely enter and move about in the royal palace, and visit the king.
Then misfortune begins to happen to the beautiful Misty-Rain. Her beloved granny dies.
In the neighboring Unicorn Kingdom, where the people have one horn instead of two, the prince Sirius and his companion, the fox witch Mongryong, open a mysterious door that leads to the three Fates. Inside, Sirius touches Misty-Rain’s thread, thus altering her destiny, as well as his own. He somehow teleports to the Dokebi kingdom and meets Misty-Rain, who has taken off with an egg under Thornpricker’s guard, intending to hatch it and raise the chicks as a replacement family. The king intercedes and gives Misty-Rain chicks to raise, and Thornpricker’s jealousy of Misty-Rain goes up a notch. She arranges the death of the chicks while they’re in school, and in retaliation, Misty-Rain destroys Thornpricker’s prized pepper garden, which was ripe with produce. However, Sirius and Mongryong, on a hot balloon ride over the land to escape Sirius’ overzealous nanny, see what Misty-Rain did.
Thornpricker takes her case against Misty-Rain to the king, but lacks any evidence. When questioned by the king, Misty-Rain lies, that she had nothing to do with the peppers. The case seems to be on the verge of being dismissed, when Sirius and Mongryong appear and give their testimony. The spell that gives Misty-Rain the illusion of being a dokebi fails, as the king’s loses his trust in her, and he places her into prison. This gives her plenty of time to feel sorry for herself and try to cope with this sudden change in her identity.
Sirius immediately sees what his honesty has wrought, and tries to make amends by proposing to Misty-Rain, who of course, refuses, and no one else takes Sirius’ proposal seriously. Refusing to give up, Sirius visits Misty-Rain in her cell daily, to the annoyance of his nanny, determined to become her friend.
We know from the blurb on the back of the cover that Misty-Rain is going to be exiled to the human world soon, but that doesn’t happen in this volume. I’m against false advertisement on volume blurbs, so I really didn’t appreciate the lack of this plot-turning element. Inside the covers, Land of Silver Rain varies in artwork, from pastel full-color pages to cover Sirius’ meeting of the Fates, to caricature-like cartooning for high comedy moments. Lee does tend more towards a sketchy style, using tones and shading to a bare minimum. In terms of plot, this volume does a lot of building, and it will be interesting to see where the next volume goes, where hopefully Misty-Rain will re-enter the human world and the relationship between her and Sirius will turn more towards love, as the cover seems to indicate.


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