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Lando Calrissian for Star Wars Rebels

Consolation Prize?

By Robert T. Trate     May 10, 2014

Lando Calrissian Returns in Star Wars Rebels
© Lucasfilm/ Disney

With no involvement in Episode VII, it seems as if we may have seen the last of Lando Calrissian on the big screen. Yet Star Wars: Episode VII isn’t the only Star Wars property out there now. Star Wars Rebels is right around the corner, coming this fall, and Billy Dee Williams will return to his classic role. 

Writer-Producer Simon Kinberg sat down with Collider and spoke about writing the show and brining back the character of Lando Calrissian.

SIMON KINBERG: "I am the co-creator of Star Wars Rebels, the executive producer of the show, and I’ve written a bunch of episodes.  So when it airs, it will be in a sort of “Movie-of-the-Week” format where two episodes air back-to-back, and I wrote those two episodes.  And then I wrote the season finale that we’re just working on now… And then as the executive producer, I will read all the scripts.  I will sometimes run a pen through them and rewrite stuff in the scripts that lots of other really talented writers have worked on.  I will watch cuts of the show, I will give notes on whatever I think about performance or score or animation, but they have such an amazing team of people, many of whom are Clone Wars alums like Dave Filoni, who’s as much of a creative voice on the show as anybody.  So they put a great team together.  They really know what they’re doing.  And I will come in, and look at stuff, and give input, and occasionally write episodes.  So the first season I’m responsible for writing three episodes—the first two and the last one".

So Billy Dee Williams may not be in Episode VII, so far anyway, but a chance to see a slightly younger version in Star Wars Rebels? We say bring it on! 


Check out the interview below.


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Modo 5/10/2014 10:52:55 PM

I hope we at least get a Lando cameo in Episode VII.  There is no reason we shouldn't get that at least.  Maybe it will be one of Abram's 'surprises' in the film.  Throw Billy Dee in Rebels as well.  It would be cool if we see him flying the Falcon...

kinetoscope 5/10/2014 10:57:13 PM

 Agreed, him flying around in the Falcon would be awesome. I think they should show him actually getting the Falcon.



Miner49er 5/11/2014 8:41:15 AM

He's got to be in there pitching Colt 45.

soloshot 5/11/2014 12:57:51 PM

 If Disney sticks to their proposed timelines for releases, we are a short 18 months away from Episode 7 and lets say 24 to 27 months away from the first spin off film.  If the spin offs are indeed origin stories and not tied into the New Trilogy, I would think we would get some sort of clue on whom the character is for the first film.  It really seems like Disney is waiting until the very last second to announce anything,   I would assume also that the first spin off film should start shooting within the next 6 months, if it hasn't already.  That being said, WHERE IS THE NEWS???  This is all exciting but also extremely frustrating!

Dazzler 5/12/2014 4:12:04 AM

I agree Lando in the toon would be a good draw since it looks meh so far. 



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