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Miner49er 3/12/2013 9:01:51 PM

Lando better bring his Colt 45.

TheSilentKiller 3/12/2013 10:30:38 PM

 I'm hoping that they'll have the old timers in there for continuity, then kill them off, so we have an emotionally resonant moment. If they're going to be there for the whole trilogy, I'm struggling to see how this turns into anything more than a Jedi duel involving walking frames with tennis balls on the end. 

Luke can have blue tennis balls, and his nemesis red ones I guess. 

violator14 3/12/2013 10:33:25 PM

 Oh they should make this like Space Cowboys.... LoL

therockdltj 3/13/2013 12:54:49 AM

Luke is the new Yoda teaching students, Han is probably Admiral of the new republics fleet and Chancellor Leia leads the new senate. None of those roles need a young person to do them. 

DarthBob 3/13/2013 4:39:17 AM

Star Wars Episode VII: The AARP Strikes Back

Star Wars Episode VII: Rise of the Hurrycane

Star Wars Episode VII: The Geritol Wars

hanso 3/13/2013 4:54:47 AM

 Stand alone movie, Star Wars:  Driving Miss Leia

DarthBob 3/13/2013 5:40:03 AM

Stand alone movies; Star Wars: Grumpy Old Jedi or Star Wars: On Golden Dagobah Swamp

jd25u 3/13/2013 5:48:17 AM

I cannot imagine ANYONE else in the role of Lando.  Either he plays him, or no-one does, IMO.

jd25u 3/13/2013 5:50:42 AM

... oh, and as long as they don't call it Star Wars: The Golden Shower.  That would be an entirely different movie altogether.

hanso 3/13/2013 6:10:28 AM

 SW:  Bridges of Coruscant County

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