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The Last Comicscape of 2009

Our wish list for 2010

By Chad Derdowski     December 30, 2009
Source: Mania

Comicscape: The Last Comicscape of 2009
© Mania

2009 is almost over and it’s the perfect time to concentrate on a year-in-review. But we’ve already taken care of that. The other obvious choice for the last Comicscape of the year is to come up with a list of New Years’ Resolutions we’d like to suggest to the bigwigs at Marvel and DC… but you all know what it comes down to: stop the price increases and slow down on all the big crossover events.

But if we really put our minds to it, we can probably come up with a pretty decent wish list for 2010. Not quite resolutions, but rather things we’d like to see happen. 2009 was a great year in comic bookery and 2010 can be even better! So let’s take a look at what the folks behind Comicscape would like to see happen in the coming year.


Geoff Johns back on Superman

Not Geoff Johns writing the umpteenth retelling of Superman’s origin; Geoff Johns writing a monthly Superman comic. Doesn’t matter if it’s the regular title or Action Comics, we just want him back on the book he’s supposed to be writing.

Green Lantern? Awesome. The Flash with art by Francis Manapul? Hey, that sounds great too. We’ll be there for every single issue. But before all this World of New Krypton stuff started and Superman left the planet (and his own title), you had Geoff Johns kicking ass on Action Comics, making it a must-read book and making Superman cool for the first time in years. Yeah, yeah, Mon-El’s great and Flamebird and Nightwing are… oh wait, that’s right. We quit reading those titles months ago. We have no idea if those books are good anymore and frankly, we don’t care. We quit reading them ‘cause they sucked.

The way we see it, it’s a simple equation: your best writer working on the greatest superhero of all time. That’s fried gold, baby.


Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends on DVD

Seriously, we’ve been mentioning this at least once a month for the past year now. You’d think somebody out there would be paying attention. Comicscape is required reading at the Marvel offices, right? But we’re not going to shut up and we’ll shout it from the highest mountaintop! Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends must to be released on DVD!

Come on Marvel, what’s the hold up? Continuity be damned - this was one of your finest moments in animation and it introduced a generation to the Marvel Universe. In a world where every iteration of Super Friends (including the crappy Wendy and Marvin years), the Ruby-Spears Superman cartoon that only lasted one season and even the Aquaman animated series have all been released on DVD, you’d think that this one would’ve made the cut as well. But to date… no.

For that matter, how about all those oddball Marvel Comics animated series’ from the ‘60s? You know, the ones where they just added slight animation to the actual comic book pages? Can you honestly tell us there isn’t a market for this stuff? 2009 was your 70th anniversary and would’ve been the perfect time to hit fans with a barrage of cool retrospective stuff like this; but we won’t complain if we get it in 2010.



Just one simple word. We don’t care if it’s in-continuity or set on Earth-S, we just want to see the Marvel Family back in action. All of them – Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel… hell, we’d even like to see Mr. Tawky Tawny make a comeback! None of this Billy-as-the-new-wizard crap either. We want the real deal Marvel Family. Billy as Cap, Freddy lookin’ like Elvis and Mary as the sweet little girl next door. Didn’t Grant Morrison pitch an out-of-continuity Marvel Family story a little while back? Let’s see it, Grant!


No More Red Hulk!

We’re just sick of him, that’s all. It’s not like we’re even reading the Hulk; we’re just tired of listening to half of the internet complain about him and the other half say that “those guys just don’t get it”. We’re especially sick of Jeph Loeb defending the series with the old “numbers don’t lie” excuse. Just wrap up this Fall of the Hulks story or whatever it’s called and be done with it. Hell, we don’t even care if you just altogether get rid of the Hulk for a year or so. We’re just sick and tired of the whole damn debate. Yes, even Comicscape has its limits.


Batman on DVD

We’re talking about the 1960’s TV series with Adam West, Burt Ward and a smokin’ hot Julie Newmar as Catwoman (along with about a million other awesome cameos and super-sweet guest stars).

Okay really, what’s this all about? Is it a copyright issue between Fox and Warner Brothers? Is it about DC not wanting to portray a campy Batman? Is it about figuring out how to pay the myriad of folks who did guest spots? Is it a rights issue regarding the costumes, sets or design of the Batmobile? Is it all of this and more?

Well, here’s a simple solution: money. Release this series on DVD and it will make lots and lots of it, more than enough for everyone to get paid handsomely. Seriously, who isn’t going to buy this? Fans have been waiting for decades to own these three seasons of pure, unadulterated campy bliss. If you release it, it will sell.

Okay, we’re probably vastly oversimplifying the whole situation, but come on, guys – you can’t come to an agreement on this one? For us, the loyal and devoted fanboys and fangirls who shell out tons of money every month for your products? Really? Even if we say please? Even if we promise to buy the bare-bones set with no commentary only to turn around a year later and double-dip for the deluxe edition that’s packaged with a sweet Batmobile toy? Because we will.


An End to the Marvel/DC War

We’re not talking about an end to the competition and friendly rivalry: we’re talking about fans who seem to think that one is totally good while the other is unconditionally bad. Come now, children: if you’re choosing sides, you’re obviously not getting the point.

Yes, it’s a bit like the Elvis vs. Beatles argument: you can like them both, but obviously you’re going to be partial to one over the other. That’s fine. There’s no such thing as a wrong opinion there. But for the love of god, this is a situation where it’s okay to have your cake and eat it too! They’re both incredibly awesome and they’re both terribly flawed. Stop trying to convince us that DC is the only company that understands how to do superheroes correctly or that they have no good writers, artists or characters outside of Superman and Batman. Stop telling us that the quality of Marvel’s books is so astonishingly high that it’s worth paying an extra dollar or that they ruined all of their characters during Civil War. And if you only read one or the other, then it’s time to try something new. The power of Comicscape compels you to walk into your local comic shop and ask for a recommendation from the company you’ve been avoiding! If the shop’s proprietor is worth his or her salt, they’ll know what you like and they’ll know what to recommend.

Of course, a request like this is a bit like asking for world peace in a beauty pageant, isn’t it? We just look like idiots for asking… but at least we’re pretty.


What’s on Your Wish List?

That’s pretty much all we want to see in 2010. What’re you hopeful for, Maniacs? Got any demands for the big two? What do YOU want to see happen next year?



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ponyboy76 12/30/2009 4:28:43 AM

Well, my wish list ins't huge.

1)First and foremost is for Marvel to get a decent artist on Amazing Spiderman. I'm sorry. I like nostalgia as much as the next guy, but the last say 10 issues of ASM, artist wise have sucked.  If I wanted that old school 1950's drawing style, I'd read Archie comics. The bad art for me takes away from the stories which haven't been all that great to begin with.
2) Can we please get some consistency with Thor? Why the hell was t coming out like every 3 months while Spidey comes out every fraking 2 weeks?
3) Get rid of Son of Hulk! Not Skaar, he's cool the other son Kola, Koala. Whatever his name is. The comic is boring!
4) Web of Spiderman was cancelled for a reason. Keep it that way.

I only have one for DC because I only just started to read DC again. And that's only because this Blackest night event is pretty freaking cool.
5) Please bring back Bruce Wayne! I like Dick Grayson, but he's no Bruce Wayne.

That is all!

Ozymandas 12/30/2009 5:56:29 AM

Totally agree re: Red Hulk, Captain Marvel & the Marvel/DC war. Not that I disagree with the others, just indifferent. I'll add (although I'm sure I'm not speaking for the masses, here):

1) Hostess Fruit Pies Collection: the Marvel/DC crossover to top them all! ;)

2) JLA newspaper strip collection: this was back in the late 70s or early 80s and went under the name "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" or something like that.

3) Plastic Man: I've got several great ideas for how he could be used, but just put him out there! JLA, JSA, try the Doom Patrol or even his own book! Just please not one of those lame-o & all-too-short back-up features!

4) Miracleman & THUNDER Agents: now that you've got them, Marvel & DC, use them! Just don't put JMS on them, he sucks on the follow-thru.

5) eyes on the details: consider knocking those $3.99 cover prices back to $3.50 and stop pushing those over-sized issues at $4.99; try harder to get the books out on time; don't be afraid to flex a little editorial muscle for the good of the books - a little mandate here or these isn't going to hurt anyone; no more back-up features whether they be new material or, especially, reprints - PLEASE!; stop coddling the talent and let them know that they're not irreplaceable - don't shy away from fill-in issues and be creative with them.

Ozymandas 12/30/2009 6:00:53 AM

Oops, I got a warning posting that saying that I used "excessive profanity"..

1 cuss word is profanity but it is not excessive profanity.

If anybody's curious, it was an adjective describing DC's back-up features in my 3rd point and it rhymes with Walter Mitty. Can YOU guess the word?!  :D

ChrisSmits 12/30/2009 6:16:14 AM


silversurfer 12/30/2009 7:56:32 AM

I would like to see more development of the B-List heroes from both Marvel and DC. I think that there are some really good stories to tell there, and to make some of them valuable.

Red Hulk is boring. Hulk used to be a good read, but now not so much....

I do agree with Batman....we need Bruce back and for Dick to be Nightwing.

Less emphasis on Wolverine...he's good, but we can do without looking at him so much in the future.


tkcaptaina 12/30/2009 8:46:04 AM

Please Marvel no more Bryan Hitch, Steve Mcniven, or any other slow artist on series that effect current marvel timelines and titles. It is such a pain to have to wait for one title to ship in order to read 6 other books. Put them on Amazing Spiderman. This way we could buy the book since they couldn't possibly produce the 3 issues a month. At least they would at have good art.

lister 12/30/2009 9:24:03 AM

I'm still going with the hygiene thing. Shower up, geeks.

syxxblade 12/30/2009 10:33:46 AM

Give Grayson a Green lantern Ring already.....

CaptainSigma 12/30/2009 2:32:13 PM

DC/Warner Animation needs to get off their @$$3$ and make Teen Titans: The Judas Contract!

Gideon 12/30/2009 3:14:15 PM

1.DC please fix the JLA. Its simple to do. Just stop filling out the line-up with B-listers. Use Blackest night to resurrect whomever you need to and put the title on top again. They've been messing with this title since the late 80's and still can't figure out that most of the best incarnations included the classic line-up. Make the cast large if you need to, but get the basics right. Then you could go onclean-up the other teams as well.

My JLA wish list line-up: (Geoff Johns / Ivan Reis.)

Batman (Wayne), Superman, Wonderwoman, Flash (Barry), GL (Hal), M.Manhunter, Aquaman (possibly Mera instead), Hawkman, Hawkwoman/girl, the Atom (Ray), Green Arrow, Black Cannary and Zantana (or I'd take Dr. Fate in plance of her - cuz Fate is cool), I'd also maybe add the new Batwoman for some interest.

Then re-order the now mostly adult Titan roster to be: (Tomasi / Doug Mahnke) 

Donna Troy, D. Grayson (either as nightwing or a 2nd Batman), Supergirl, Flash (Wally), Shazam (Freddie, if Billy's not coming back anytime soon), Red Arrow (assuming he gets his arm back),  Aqualad (maybe, if he comes back), Starfire, Cyborg (please remake his dopey costumet though).

As for the Teen Titans, I'm not as familiar with them, but they could include: (Tony Bedard / Jesus Saiz)

Raven and Beast (as mentors), Red robin. Batgirl (stepahanie), Wondergirl (cassie), Superboy (Connor Kent), Impulse and whomever else would make sense in here..

and then, clean up the JSA to be: (Greg Rucka/ J.H. Williams - for a unique take on the team)

GL (Alan), Flash (Jay) & Wildcat (Ted) as mentors and occasional contributors, but make the action team be Powergirl, Dr.Midnight (current), Mr. Terrific, Hourman (current), Starman (the blue guy), Marry Marvel, Lightning, Sand, Atomsmasher and Dr Fate (if not used in JLA).. then maybe Batwoman here, instead or the Huntress?

Also, with the above remakes, bring the DOOM patrol back into more frequent continuity.

For the rest of the characters out there you could fill the ranks of the Outsiders and JSA All-Stars and etc.

I know its dreaming, but were they to fix the titles to be anywhere close to this, I'd happily go broke each month following all of these titles!

2. Finish rebuilding the DC Scifi lines / keep them Strong.

Keep the Lantern Corps around after Balckest Night. Hell, remake the Darkstars even.. for added interest.

Keep the R.E.B.E.L.S. crew going strong and have them and the Lantern Corps frequently meet up with each other as well as all of the other rich DC Scifi worlds and characters (Rann, Thanagar, Khund, The Dominators, Starro and etc.) Let's see some Nova/Guardians of the Galaaxy/War of Kings type interstellar interaction. Large space opera stuff please!   

3. Finally, reconstitute the Legion, make them current, but please don't re-invent them from scratch again. This is a great book make it matter again. I suggest using the Great Darkness Saga line-up.





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