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monkeyfoot 8/12/2010 10:13:01 AM

I'm predicting Scott Pilgrim will be #1 at the B.O. this weekend. Why?

- it looks like a great date movie. Girls will like it because it's about relationships and true love, not just FX and action

- guys can like it because it does have FX and action, plus gaming.

-it also has humor and is targeted towards the main movie-going audience of twentysomethings

Now I don't plan on seeing it this weekend. I'll see Expendables. But this movie seems to have an appeal to a wider range of moviegoer than Stallone's pick which is just guys.

I can very well be wrong. I have a poor movie prediction record. I thought A-Team would be a hit. I thought Speed Racer and Astro Boy would be too. I thought Inception would only do modestly becuase it was a more complicated, adult flick for summer. So take my predictions with a block of salt and throw it at me. 

Rheul_home 8/12/2010 10:58:18 AM

I'd rather watch Halka than Scott Pilgrim.

mtaffer 8/12/2010 11:05:25 AM

I saw Scott Pilgrim at a sneak about a few weeks ago and the audience loved it.  It really is like watching a comic book come to life, and was very entertaining.  There were some people behind me who I thought would hate it...but they laughed at every joke.  Most crowd pleasing movie i've seen since kick ass.  My only complaint is that it ran a little long...maybe if they trimmed off 15 mins.

I had someone here ask me about Kick Ass.  It was a chick and she said it was really good and she is recommending it to others.  She said it was hard to pitch though..."It has kids in it, but it's not a comedy necessarily...a lot of people are butchered".  So lets see how it does now.

Wiseguy 8/12/2010 11:06:07 AM

Being number and tearing it up are different gauley so get off Millar's bandwagon. And here you go again with Avatar, almost 3 billion at the box office. I don't care how skewed the numbers were that shit still blows everything out of the water. It ain't like Avatar barely broke a record, it obliterated the record. Kick Ass on the other hand, barely a blip and only from the geek crowd despite the hype and all the supposed buzz from comicon when everyone was saying how it was better received than AVATAR, looking back on it it's just hilarious. I know you're smart enough to know the difference between tearing it up and being #1, ok, I think you're smart enough.

 AVATAR tore it up when it sold almost 4 million units its first week. Kick Ass with 1.4 not quite tearing it up but decent. Like I said, it may have a long shelf life (I doubt it) but that remains to be seen

And yes, I HATE MARK MILLAR and won't stop hating him til he shuts the fukk up for 2 minutes which I'd guess won't be til he drops dead

nightwingDG 8/12/2010 11:07:05 AM

I'm going to see Scott Pilgrim tonight can't wait. The comic is awesome and the movie will be awesome. So stop hating. It probably won't do very well at the box office, because I think for the most part people who haven't read the comics just won't get it. But I'm just glad to see another faithful adaptation.

tiredjay 8/12/2010 11:11:18 AM

Look at the paperback top 10 on the NYTimes Graphic Novel list:

Yeah, I really think Scott Pilgrim's in trouble this weekend.

Jetro 8/12/2010 11:28:55 AM

Wiseguy - yeah that's real unfortunately.   There's also already one out for Iron Man, called Metal Man or something like that.  Which reminds me, I should look up the Bollywood version of the Dark Knight...

I was channel surfing a few weeks back and spotted what I thought was Days of Thunder..  So i stopped to watch it, until I started to realize that it was a Bollywood rip off, literally scene by scene...  I would have watched more of it but I had to stop on account of laughing so hard.  I wish I taped it and did a split screen comparison between the two...

Jetro 8/12/2010 11:30:54 AM

Best way to describe Kick-Ass is that it starts off as just as any other teen movie does that is until the blood starts flying and when that happens, just sit back and enjoy the ride :P

Muenster 8/12/2010 11:32:20 AM

Scott Pilgrim going to get his his lunch'ables jacked by The Expendables.

gauleyboy420 8/12/2010 11:51:02 AM

Pound for Pound Kick-Ass is making a huge killing. It had no ultra famous director attached, it wasn't hyped like Avatar, and it cost WAY less to make.  I'm not hating Avatar, it was beautiful to look at and the story was ok, but there is NO reason to hate on a good product simply because of an unrational or jealous bias.

I will not get off Millars Bandwagon, he's one of my favorite comic writers, and I wish all comics proffesionals success.

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