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Layla & Legend of the Phoenix OVA Licensed

Kaleido Star Anime Gets Full Run At Last

By Chris Beveridge     September 17, 2010
Source: AnimeOnDVD Forums

Layla & Legend of the Phoenix
© FUNimation

According to a tweet via the Right Stuf feed, AnimeToday, they've indicated that the upcoming release of the second season of Kaleido Star will include the OVA that was not previously licensed. FYI: The "Kaleido Star S2 + OVAs" incl. S2+ OVA 1 (aka Ep 52) & OVA 2 (Layla & Legend of the Phoenix)

Kaleido Star was originally licensed and released by ADV Films earlier in the decade, but when the rights lapsed, FUNimation acquired the Gonzo animated series earlier this year and is set to release the show in two season sets in November and December of this year. What was never licensed by ADV Films was the final OVA, Layla & Legend of the Phoenix. That has now been rectified by FUNimation, similar to how they acquired the Vandread recap OVAs when they brought that series back out from the Geneon collapse.

We have confirmed with FUNimation that they will be releasing this 50 minute OVA with the second season set and that it will be subtitle only. 

Now, about Kino's Journey.... 


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METR0lD 9/17/2010 6:59:15 PM

 Meh, if it's subtitle only, it's a waste for me. 

MrSparkleNoodle 9/19/2010 3:18:40 AM

I can't remember if Funimation has license rescued Kino's Journey or not, but if they have/do, I really hope they license "Episode 00" and the two short films/OVAs "Life Goes On" and "Land of Disease - For You", I would be willing to buy the series again to get those (though the whole thing has to be spread out over at least 4 discs for A/V quality and in one set) or the three previously unlicensed parts on 1 disc, separately available from the series would be good too.



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