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Mania Grade: D

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  • Audio Rating: B+
  • Video Rating: B+
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Menus Rating: D
  • Extras Rating: C
  • Age Rating: 18 & Up
  • Region: 1 - North America
  • Released By: NuTech Digital, Inc.
  • MSRP: 39.99
  • Running time: 60
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Leatherman

Leatherman Box Set

By Chris Beveridge     June 22, 2002
Release Date: June 10, 2002

Leatherman Box Set
© NuTech Digital, Inc.

What They Say
Stuffing an old bag full of contents from a safe, Cruz hops on his motorcycle and faces an uncertail future full of adventure, danger, and sex!

The Review!
He’s got the glasses. He’s got the leather jacket. He’s got the bike. You can practically hear the “Bad to the Bone” song playing. And this anime is bad. Bad, bad, bad to the bone.

For our primary viewing session, we listened to this disc in its original language of Japanese. Though a rather recent show, it features a pretty basic stereo mix with little in the way of directionality. Dialogue is clean and clear though and most of this seems to be center channel based.

The transfer for this release looks good for the most part, though there’s a layer of cross coloration that’s there, more visible in some scenes than others. Aliasing is minimal and colors look nice and solid without any bleeding or over saturation.

The two keepcases for Leatherman in the box get some nice covers with a mixing of the characters from the different stories on it. The covers don’t feel as busy as some other ones, since there are no voice actress photos on here. The back covers show off some animation shots from each show and have a good summary of each episode. Features and technical information is nicely listed as well. The box set itself features the cover from the first volume while the back does a summation of the two keepcase backings. As with all NuTech releases to date, there is no insert included.

NuTech takes a step back with the menus here. While they look good, such as the opening main menu that has wind blowing behind the image of Cruz on his bike, submenus have rather long load times as they play a bit of animation before it. These just take far too long to load when all I want to do is change the audio. And once the selection is made, it loads up the menu from the beginning again. Very poorly done considering how good NuTech menus usually are.

The only extra included in this round is a brief video photo gallery.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Ah, the kind of hentai with an absolutely bad storyline combined with fairly mediocre to poor character designs and a definite low budget that shines through in a number of scenes. It almost reminds me of the old days.

The story of Leatherman focuses on Cruz, a biker whose seduced a woman named Shisui. While she was out of it after a rather passionate session, he went and emptied the safe of its contents and headed off on his motorcycle for his next adventure. Golden Boy meets real adult material. Shisui’s “boss” gets furious about this and sends her off to capture him. Something in the safe that he stole is critical and could hurt the organization greatly. So she’s out trying to track him down.

After Cruz deals with that little problem, he spends most of his time driving around and meeting up with various women that he ends up having his way with. No woman is safe from his eye. From the nun whom he stays with for several days to the UFO watcher in the woods. He even has fun with some nurses and a few others. While the background story of the boss and the project they’re working on crops up once in awhile, the story is soundly surrounding Cruz and his adventures on the bike.

While there are more than enough unbelievable situations in hentai, these just blew me away as bad. It may have just been the day, but with the poor look of the characters and the poor plot, this just left us rolling our eyes and checking the time remaining feature on our remote. Definitely not on the recommendation pile.

Japanese Language,English Language,English Subtitles,Photo Gallery

Review Equipment
Toshiba TW40X81 40" HDTV, Skyworth 1050P Progressive Scan codefree DVD player, Sony STR-DE835 DD/DTS receiver, Monster component cable and Sony speakers.


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