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lancedenier 12/1/2010 11:18:19 AM

I guess I'd rather it was recast.  IIRC, the Joker in the comics has been attributed to more than one alter ego and a variety of origins.  I'd hate to be the one to try and pull it off though.

SarcasticCaveman 12/1/2010 11:33:32 AM

I wouldn't mind seeing Ledger looking out of a cell door should the next movie have a scene at Arkham or something...I think it'd be a cool nod to one who is no longer with us.

LocoLobo73 12/1/2010 12:04:10 PM

GR2: everything just screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firebreather : was not impressed , but i do find it funny how no one has mentioned YOUNG JUSTICE yet either, which had so much potential but story and dialog was very weak

Batman The Brave and the Bold: looking forward to this episode Darkseid

Xmen First class: they should sub titled this one X men : Everyone and  their Mothers really this just feels like a Train wreck

The Walking Dead : not worried about it its pretty much what they did with the first season, plus the story is pretty much plotted so now they just need to get some guest writers to come in and knock out the episodes, who knows maybe someone like George Romero,  Edger Wright, or Simon Pegg who are all huge fans of the comic.

Dark Knight Rises: Lovin that the studio is letting him do whatever he wants with the new installment, I also agree that if done right ala The Crow, using cut footage to show the Joker would be great, and I dont think it disrespects Ledger in anyway in fact it showS that he will not be REPLACED and he will not be FORGOTTEN. As far as Batman Vs Superman , that would depend on how Superman: Rebirth comes out, if its good and they can get Nolan together on it that would be a good way to segway into a new bat franchise.


BunyonSnipe 12/1/2010 12:40:05 PM

I have a feeling The Joker was part of the League Of Shadows, otherwise he's just tooo random a character...

Which means, had Ledger not died, he would probably been realeased by Talia for the grand finale third film...


BunyonSnipe 12/1/2010 12:53:51 PM

Green Hornet... I hate GH with a half face mask, I always prefered the full face mask with the insinia on it, the half face mask was really mostly for the TV Series and as a nod to his grandfather, John Reid... The Lone Ranger...

As mush as I love Zorro and the Lone Ranger and The Spirit (The comics and pulps by the way, not the films) The 'domino' mask just does not work as a diguise, just look at Rogen, "Hey that's Seth Rogen in a mask"

"Zorro's Fighting Legion" had a cool mask, that actually obscure most of his face...

Batman and The Phantom atc. are different because the whole shape of their head looks different, but half face mask will always be crap...

CrazyCEO 12/1/2010 1:10:18 PM

I heard a while back they alledgedly filmed a scene with the Joker looked up in Arkham but never used it in The Dark Knight.  Maybe they just want to address that he's looked up and everyone is now safe, only to be threatened by the next villian or villians. 

He did it with Scarecrow, maybe that's his idea but just needed a few more seconds worth to complete the scene hence the CGi.

Pure speculation though.  I wouldn't mind it if this is the closure Nolan is looking for.

Flint521466 12/1/2010 1:54:55 PM

 I say leave Ledger out of it.  The movie doesn't need The Joker. As much as I'm looking forward to TDKR I'm also excited at the prospect of the franchise going in a new direction.  Hopefully they'll delve into some of the fantasatical, supernatural, sci-fi elements & characters/villains in the Batman/DC Universe. 

Wiseguy 12/1/2010 2:49:48 PM

I'm actually feeling a little more optimistic about Ghost Rider and Green Hornet despite the fact that I think both leads are wildly miscast

Seems pretty harsh to fire all that Walking Dead writers. You'd think continuity with a writing team would be important but they do have almost an entire year to get it together so no real worries. Kirkman and Darabont are still attached

I thought Ray Wise was still waiting for the Creeper to wake back up

Ledger-smedger this is obviuously b.s. I'm just glad Nolan is finishing his arc already and praying he doesn't do the same injustice to Suyperman

scytheofluna 12/1/2010 2:56:19 PM

Joseph Gordon Levitt oughtta' be playing the Joker.  I'm sick of everyone crying about Heath.  It's very sad he's dead, but Heath Ledger did not invent the Joker.  The show must go on, and the Joker is far more important in Batman's life than he was in Ledger's, despite his excellent performance.  Hire an actor willing to honor that style, and go for it.  Nobody sh!t themselves with grief when Brandon Routh mimicked Christopher Reeve's version of Superman after Reeve passed away, so what's the godsdamned problem here?  Why screw up the continuity of the series because an actor passed away?  It's sad, but life goes on.  The character existed for six or seven decades prior to his entrance, and he'll be around for decades, or even centuries to come.

Kraken89 12/1/2010 2:58:31 PM

The Joker in TDK was left swinging by Batman's reinforced grappling cable, it's safe to say that during or after the final scene of Bat's, Gordon and Two-face that the Joker was probably being cut down and taken into police custody and probably transferred to a maximum security holding cell in Arkham Asylum. Done....

Now, Batman is on the run from the cops because they and Gotham City believe he killed Harvey Dent. Only Gordon and his family know it's a ploy to hide Dent's other side and now Batman is truly alone in his fight to rid Gotham City of crime. But will the Joker's actions inspire others to follow in his footsteps, or will Gotham City look for a new hero to stop the Batman and bring him to justice? Who will fill the void after Gotham's mobs have been imprisoned? Stay tuned for the conclusion of Christopher Nolan's Batman in "The Dark Knight Rises!"

As far as a Superman Vs. Batman movie, I don't  see it hapenning until Snyder's Superman franchise is done. I could see a CGI movie like the DCU Online trailer, but not live action for another 10 years. Especially since they still have the Green Lantern franchise, starting a possible Wonder Woman movie and or Flash movie to deal with alongside of the Superman movies. I want to see members of the League given their own properties  and then a Justice League movie that could suffice the Batman Vs. Superman plot.

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