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What lies ahead for the program's first full season on the UPN TV network?

By Frank Kurtz     July 06, 2001
Source: Zap2It.com

Alexondra Lee on SPECIAL UNIT 2
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Actress and series star Alexondra Lee is talking about the coming first full season of her SPECIAL UNIT 2 TV series. While talking to Zap2It.com Lee candidly admits, "We got lucky, because, boy, there were not a lot of shows that got picked up this year."

Lee notes that there will be at least one big change with the show: it's moving. She explains, "The end of July, we start shooting. We're all moving up to Vancouver, Canada. We were so spoiled. They're hardly doing any series in L.A. anymore, and we did our six right in downtown Los Angeles...But they're moving us up to Vancouver, just like they do everybody. It's just so nice to know that I've got such a wonderful group of people to work with because I'm going to a foreign territory now. It's intimidating."

When asked how she might describe what genre the show falls in, Lee says, "I've always considered our show to be a little bit BUFFY, a little bit of X-FILES, and, of course, MEN IN BLACK... People like to lump us in the sci-fi category, and after seeing the show, it's not like that at all. It's more like fairy tale monsters, fantasy, like fairies and werewolves, but there's a twist to everything. It's not just a gnome, it's a shoplifting gnome. It's not just a werewolf, it's a stockbroker werewolf. It's not just a spider, it's a superwoman spider. We have a twisted, dark sense of humor on our show.

"I just can't wait to see all the monsters they're going to come up with."


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