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Legend of the Last Labyrinth

Yusuke is a young, orphaned, high-school student who just happened to be late for class one day. Little did he know that his tardiness would consequently put him in the right place at the right time…soaking in the middle of a muddy puddle with a girl who, quite literally, falls right into his lap!

Rouge, the mysterious girl who fell from the sky, suffers from amnesia and remembers nothing except her name. Ever the gentleman, Yusuke offers her a place to stay until she recovers her memory. After spending many days playing, shopping and falling in love, Yusuke suddenly encounters two women, Kaige and Meige, who claim to be Rouge’s royal sisters.

Now, Rouge and Yusuke are threatened with separation…not only by Rouge’s sisters who want to take her back home, but also by enemies of the royal family who wish to capture Rouge. Will Rouge be able to accept the truth behind her hidden memories? Will Kaige be able to confront the enemy that was once her love? Will Rouge and Yusuke have to say goodbye to the love that has grown between them?

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Legend of the Last Labyrinth by Media Blasters
Legend of the Last Labyrinth by Media Blasters