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Leterrier eyes 'Runaways', '1602'

    June 11, 2008
Source: movies.ign.com

'Incredible Hulk' director Louis Leterrier told IGN.com that, if he had his pick, there are two Marvel properties he'd like to take a crack at: 'Runaways' and Neil Gaiman's period recasting of the superheroes '1602'.

"I know they are doing 'The Runaways' and I really love 'The Runaways'. I think it's a really good, smart comic book and I really like it," Leterrier suggested before launching into his true dream project," Leterrie said.

"You know what I'd love to do? 1602. I'd love to do that because it's so different. That's why Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios honcho] and all of these guys are so smart because superhero movies will sort of fade away," the helmer explained. "If they keep them separate, people are going to get bored of them. How many Hulk movies, how many Spider-Man movies can you see?

"But by making them cross-pollinate and crisscross and have different stories and good guys become bad guys and all of that stuff… that will make them good. But 1602 is great because it's another take on the superhero. It's almost like Freaks and Clash of the Titans and all of this stuff that I love. And Neil Gaiman is a genius."


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