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  • Art Rating: B+
  • Packaging Rating: A-
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A
  • Age Rating: 16 & Up
  • Released By: Netcomics
  • MSRP: 9.99
  • Pages: 168
  • ISBN: 1-60009-124-5
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Let\'s Be Perverts Vol. #01

By Matthew Alexander     March 05, 2007
Release Date: October 01, 2006

Let\'s Be Perverts Vol.#01
© Netcomics

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Youjung Lee
Translated by:Kyoung Kay Park
Adapted by:

What They Say
Perverto is just a regular 17-year-old...with the unavoidable nickname, "pervert." Unlike his namesake, he's actually quite naïve when it comes to sexual matters; his first and only youthful romance having ended terribly. To escape his bad reputation, he transfers to a new school for a fresh start. But on his first day there, he's falsely accused of groping a girl named Hongdan on the subway. To make matters worse, she happens to be another new student who has just transferred to his new school, to his very class. The real pervert who framed him is a math teacher at his new school, too! The teacher is an expert at getting away with perverted behavior...and he's targeted Hongdan for more gropes. The girl possesses a voluptuous body and mysterious bruises, and Perverto is smitten with her. But when Hongdan expresses her romantic interest in him out of the blue, Perverto is reminded of the hurtful memories of his first love and runs away screaming. Will he survive his new school? The true nature of Perverto wiggles to the surface in volume 1 of this sexy new series!

The Review
Contains nudity.

Comedic story about the awkwardness of first love and the oh so dreaded public stiffy.

The front cover has an almost watercolor appearance with Hongdan sitting and resting her head on her knees. The color scheme is simple and appealing, dominated by the white background, orange toned hair and shirt, and skin color. The back cover is a three-tone picture of Hongdan standing in a school hallway and there is a story synopsis. The print quality is excellent from start to finish with clean pages and solid blacks even on the many pages with black gutters. The only extra is a letter from the author and the only reason I slightly docked this grade is that the pure white paper in this book is slightly thin with a little bleed through on a few pages.

The artwork for this title is a little different then most manga I've read and even the few manhwa titles I follow. Actually it rather reminds me of the simple lines used for characters in a lot of ero-manga, only Lee draws highly detailed backgrounds. The characters are well proportioned and the females are attractive. Lee mostly uses cross-hatching to create shadows and detail on character faces and then tone shading for clothing and backgrounds. All the panels are rectangular but varied, which aids in the overall flow to the story and makes it easy to follow.

The text reads well and I didn't find any grammatical errors. This was quite a relief since much of the manhwa I've picked up from other publishers have had rather horrific translations. SFX are translated and overlain.

Contents: (Oh yes, there may be spoilers)
Perverto, yes that really is his name, his brother is Pervergu, and their dad is Perdukpal. Anyways, Perverto is a high school student who has a real problem with getting wood anytime he witnesses a woman in a provocative position. This isn't necessarily a problem except for the fact that it so often happens at school, causing all the teachers and students to call him a pervert. Poor Perverto, half the time he is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Well, everyone needs a second chance and Perverto's parents are kind enough to move so he can start a new school and escape his 'pervert' title. On the way to his first day of class, Perverto spies a guy groping a girl on the train. He decides to intervene on the girl's behalf and show everyone that he is an upstanding young man. Not surprisingly, Perverto actually grabs the girl's ass while screaming at everyone to look at the pervert. Before the train passengers can gang up and kick Perverto's ass, the girl actually socks him in the stomach. The good thing is the whole incident didn't happen at school. But when Perverto gets to class he discovers the girl, Hongdan, from the train is a new student at his school and in his class!

To make matters worse, the real train pervert turns out to be a math teacher at Perverto's new school. Perverto even catches his teacher manipulating the feelings of another girl right on campus. Then the teacher tells the girl she was the 99th in his conquest. Perverto swears he will find a way to expose the pervert teacher to the world, but with his luck, he'll probably make his own situation worse.

Perverto and the very attractive Hongdan find themselves in an awkward relationship. They keep bumping into each other and even though they argue, they find themselves secretly interested in the other. Will Perverto ask Hongdan out on a date? Will the pervert teacher be exposed?

This is a satisfying first volume with plenty of comedy, character development, the hint of girl/girl action in Hongdan's past, and a surprising amount of nudity. And just for the heck of it, there is a girl in various states of undress at the start of each chapter.

Perverto may sometimes be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he is still a little perverted. His dad actually has everyone fooled into thinking he is a man of pure heart when he is actually a pervert himself. Which makes Perverto constantly question why he is a pervert when his dad is such a good guy. One funny scene has Perverto walking down the street with his dad and little brother. Each of them check out every cute girl they pass while trying to hide it from each other. The pervert apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. There is also some nice character development with a scene showing why Perverto is so nervous around girls.

Hongdan is an interesting character with a mysterious past. She is a bit of a tomboy and proves herself tough enough to throw down with four guys at once. She also seems to have an issue with men and things get even more interesting when her ex-girlfriend Gaheul shows up. No longer wanting to be in a relationship with Gaheul, Hongdan asks Perverto on a date right in front of Gaheul. So did Hongdan do that just to get rid of Gaheul or because she really does like Perverto? I'm anxiously waiting for volume two.


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