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Letting Stan's Imagination Run Wild

Mike Carlin previews the rest of the history-making DC/Stan Lee project, JUST IMAGINE...

By Arnold T. Blumberg     July 20, 2001
Source: Comic-Con International

© 2001 DC Comics
They said it would never happen. Hell, even the guys involved in creating this history-making comic book series can't quite believe it themselves. But as fans who have already read the first issue can testify, the unthinkable has occurred: Stan Lee is writing for DC Comics! In the new JUST IMAGINE... series, legendary Marvel Universe creator Stan "The Man" Lee has joined forces with some of the best and the brightest to present his version of DC's most iconic heroes.

Already available is the first "reimagined" character in JUST IMAGINE STAN LEE WITH JOE KUBERT CREATING BATMAN. Soon to arrive in stores will be Stan's version of Wonder Woman, drawn by Jim Lee "my illegitimate son," joked Stan Lee at a San Diego Comic-Con panel on the project. The Stan Lee rendition of Superman as designed by Adam Hughes and drawn by John Buscema will follow.

At that same panel, editor Mike Carlin outlined the rest of the series. The first half of the planned twelve issue run will focus on Green Lantern, drawn by Dave Gibbons, while Kevin Maguire will team up with Stan for the Flash. The first wave concludes with a Justice League team-up of the first five new heroes, drawn by Jerry Ordway.

The second wave kicks off with another bit of history in the making, reuniting the classic X-MEN team of John Byrne and Terry Austin on a new Stan Lee envisioned Robin. Gary Frank will illustrate a '50s Lee & Kirby monster style Shazam, while Chris Bachalo will draw the Catwoman installment, which Michael Uslan compared to Lee's Spider-Man. Lee was quick to agree with tongue firmly in cheek: "She's bitten by a radioactive cat!"

Aquaman will swim into view as well, with an artist yet to be named, and Walt Simonson will join Lee on a Doctor Strange-esque rethinking of Sandman. John Cassaday comes in to close off this historic run with a "Crisis" themed title teaming all of the newly created Stan Lee DC heroes.

And after that? It's just possible that this "Stangent" Universe, as Mike Carlin and DC office dwellers have dubbed the series, may continue beyond the initial twelve issues.

CINESCAPE will be bringing you a more comprehensive feature on the JUST IMAGINE line in the next few weeks.


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