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twesaak 3/7/2013 1:23:26 AM

 The only problem with Metal Gear Rising is that it was too short.

I finished the game the first time on normal in 4 hours.

changed it to revengence mode, finishes in 4 hours 15 mins.

not worth $60, wait for pre-owned to go down in price.

hanso 3/7/2013 3:42:00 AM

 Thanks for the heads up Twesaak.  Im not a fan of the MGs franchise anymore cause it got to movie like for my tastes but a 4 hr game is something I can look into once it drops in price.  Hopefully its not 2 hrs of cutscenes though.  

Tomb Raider is insanely good!  I havent played it that long but it looks beautiful, the game play is nice. Im not a big TOMB raider franchise fan either but this new game is Awesome.  Not sure how long it is and havent played the multiplayer but its definitely a must buy just for the campaign alone.


jedibanner 3/7/2013 7:23:32 AM

I'm not a TR player but I ordered the game and can't wait to try it, it has a feel of Uncharted.

fatpantz 3/7/2013 8:02:26 AM

The new TR has a much different feel to it than Uncharted to me.  I thought they would be similar as well, but TR seems to go beyond.  They have really raised the bar on it  9 / 10

Also out this week is the newest addition of SimCity to PC.  A very troubled launch with server load issues and a serious stability patch needed.  Simple things like the friends list not working.  I have yet to even get my first city started (partly their fault and partly mine) but the game looks as though it will be incredible once they increase their server loads.

Arma III Alpha access has been released on Steam and for $32.99 you get access to Alpha, Beta and Full Game download at release.  I will be waiting in this one as I found Arma II a bit too clunky and frustrating for my liking and in the end only used it for the DayZ mod. Speaking of which Arma II is currently half price on Steam for those looking to play DayZ. although I recommend waiting on the standalone which is rumoured for early April release.

troopershades 3/14/2013 9:37:39 PM

 SimCity might be the biggest failed launch of any game title.  I personally havent had any problems playing solo but playing with my friends has been cumbersome.  And the fact that the game essentially breaks because of shoddy AI pathing is troublesome.  Even through all the problems, I still crack a smile when I see my first mansion go up, of my first high rise apartment get constructed.



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