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No Lex For Smallville Finale

Michael Rosenbaum puts the kibosh on it

By Chris Beveridge     February 11, 2011
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Michael Rosenbaum
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With time running down until the series finale airs for Smallville this May, one of the few hopes that fans had for a bit of additional closure and fun looks like it won't happen as Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Michael Rosenbaum, aka Lex Luthor, has rebuffed all efforts to appear in some form. Rosenbaum left the show a couple of seasons ago for a variety of reasons and has, according to people in the know, put the whole show behind him.

him and moved on,” says a knowledgeable source. “He’s pursuing his other creative outlet [writing]. By all indications, he is not going to be involved.”

Rosenbaum has had his issues with the show before but for fans, it's seen as the final snub by him over it as it's one of the biggest requests they have for finishing out the series outside of seeing Tom Welling suit up as the Man of Steel. With actors generally hating the idea of being typecast by certain roles they have, and seven years as one character can be hard to shake off, it's something that can hurt them in future endeavors as well by not at least paying it some form of lip service. As the EW article says, a couple of hours worth of work to make a lot of people very happy and to show you're not really a bad guy is one of the better pr moves you can make.

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TNAuditor 2/11/2011 6:21:43 AM

I'll bet you real money they wait until the very last second to show him in costume as Superman.  That would make this show the biggest c*ck tease in the history of entertainment.

monkeyfoot 2/11/2011 6:21:45 AM

This is a big disappointment for me. It would have capped the show perfectly. Along with Welling in costume.

Wiseguy 2/11/2011 6:24:58 AM

Somebody must have really pissed him off on the show because for a guy that hasn't got much going on to be turning this down is surprising.

From the outside looking in I find his refusals to be involved petty but then again I don't know the circumstances but he did make his name on that show. Anyway I guess he's happy living in virtual anonymity, good luck to him

digitalizm 2/11/2011 6:52:32 AM

Well that blows ...

I was bummed when he decided to leave the show because he was my favorite character, even more so than Clark. I never really looked into why he left, so what issues are they referring to?

krathwardroid 2/11/2011 6:53:04 AM

Yeah, I was expecting Rosenbaum to return as Lex, but I guess we'll have to settle for Lionel. Sounds like he had creative differences with the show. It's a surprise he stayed with it that long, but then, it was a paycheck, hm? Well, whatever. I'm growing sick of this show, anyway. After that cheap Matrix-y episode they just had, I'm glad this is coming to an end. I also don't put much hope up for seeing the suit outside of the last few minutes of the series finale.

Tevii 2/11/2011 7:00:12 AM

I think this is a poor career move. He has a chance to make his existing fans happy as well as make the definitive Lex Luthor.   Its an opportunity to show off the most evil version of Lex, it wouldnt have to be a rehash of everything he's done before.

He may want to steer clear from being type cast or whatever, but this finale will probably be big and it will get him notice as well as his name back out there (if its a great performance) for other non-Smallville related projects. 

Him taking on Lex one more time is a win/win all around. Regardless, he is pretty awesome and I wish him luck.

ElBaz13 2/11/2011 7:30:36 AM

That's a shame and I have no respect for that considering Smallville helped his career.

I've seen a lot of actors return to their roots recently to honor their fans and the shows that jump started their careers. ER had Clooney (mega popular and very busy) and Anthony Edwards (not doing much)come back in the final season. Even Lost had now busy actors come back in the final season (Somerhalder).

Sadly, Rosenbaum will sit at home and invite David Caruso for a drink.



millean 2/11/2011 7:59:07 AM

Considering all of the issues most of us have had with this show, I can't really blame him for not coming back.  There's probably more to it than we will ever know, and that's fine.

Sure, I would have liked to have seen Rosenbaum one last time.  In any event best of luck to him.

PAGE 2/11/2011 8:11:13 AM

 well i for one will not be wishing him the best of luck. if thats mean i apologize but for a longtime fan of the show, who came to admire this actor and his work is really disappointed that he cant find the time for one last show to give back to the fans that has supported his ass over the years. i dont care what happened to him on set or who pissed him off. he was apart of this show for seven years and to not out whatever differences aside or shave his dome one last time to send the show off on a great notas a thank you for fans supporting the not only the show that made him a household name but fans he had prior and after and complete bs. what a freakin douchebag. he will never have my support again.

ddiaz28 2/11/2011 8:21:52 AM

Who knows, this could just be the WB trying to create hype by pretending he isn't coming back.  Like people said, he isn't doing much as far as acting goes so why not take a few days and shoot a few scenes to thank the fans who have stuck with the show for so long despite it's ups and downs over the years.  It would suck if he doesn't, especially considering the Lex clone storyline they had earlier in the season which seemed to elude his eventual return.  Hopefully the writers can give us a satisfying series finale without him if this turns out to be true. 

TNA, I hope they don't wait until the last minute to show him flying in his costume.  I'm hoping he flies in the episode before the finale so we can see him as Superman for the entire finale, in costume.  Or at least halfway through the finale.

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