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Lexi Alexander aims to please fans with PUNISHER WAR ZONE

Online critiques of past film informed the direction of redo

By Rob M. Worley     October 17, 2008
Source: Comicus.it

Lexi Alexander introduces a clip from PUNISHER WAR ZONE
© Lionsgate

The Italian movie site Comicus.it checked in with 'Punisher War Zone' helmer Lexi Alexander.

The director said that she looked to online fan comments for guidance early on. Specifically she read up on what fans thought went wrong with the 2004 film 'The Punisher' so she could steer clear of those pitfalls with her new movie.

"The great thing about a reboot is, you can learn from the past if you care enough. I obviously watched the previous version, but I didn't critique it and just crossed my fingers that I can do it better," Alexander said. "I spent weeks on the computer, reading reviews and fan reactions about it. It was pretty damn clear what the fans liked and didn't like about it. I basically had a road map for this reboot written by proper Punisher fans and the headline was: 'Don’t go to Tampa!'"

Alexander is also a champion martial artist. Comicus asked her how that colored her depiction of action and violence in the movie.

"As for how it affected 'Punisher: War Zone', I'm not sure it did.  There is a lot of brutal fighting, but it's rather ugly and less acrobatic. I guess the best advantage 'Punisher: War Zone' had from my Martial Arts career was having two former World Champions, Pat Johnson and Jean Frenette in charge of the action and although I am sure they are always professional, I know they went more than the extra mile for me on 'Punisher: War Zone' because I'm a fellow Martial Artist," Alexander said.

Click through for the complete interview, which is presented in both Italian and English...


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raulendymion 10/17/2008 11:57:00 AM

The more time goes by the more pumped I get for this movie. The timing is right (December 5th), they got the right guy for the Punisher (Ray Stevenson), and Lexi's enthusiasm for the material is obvious and should serve the film well. I'll be there......

Wiseguy 10/17/2008 1:51:39 PM

Ditto. I think her enthusiasm, which seems genuine, has me feeling optimistic. I want to TJ to kick himself for walking out on this.

hanso 10/17/2008 2:50:44 PM

Aint no chick that can direct action.  Search your feelings.

st8fromvegas 10/17/2008 3:29:03 PM

the right guy,he looks like a steven segal wannabe. i dont have my hopes up but we will see.

BlindJustice 10/17/2008 4:33:29 PM

Hanso, if you go into the movie set on hating it then you are gonna hate it so save yourself the money and stay home. I thought Raimi was a bad choice for Spiderman after seeing the Evil Dead movies but he surprized me. I always thought of Peter Berb as a second banana looser but I loved The Rundown. Male, female or chimpanzee, as long as they respect the material and are passionate about the work they do all will be good. An open mind is a terrible thing to waist.

JarrodSarafin 10/17/2008 4:38:30 PM

Come on, Hanso. Gender has nothing to do with it. This is the 2000's...nearly the 2010s....Females are just as fanboy tastic as the good ole boys. In fact, on fanboy material like G4 TV, I'd prefer the female takes for they seem to be more honest to me.

Believe it or not, there are females who love comics and who love action movies. Lexi seems to be one of them.

And Sin City Punk, please don't compare Ray Stevenson to Steven Segal. One episode of Ray's performance in HBO's Rome has more acting abilities shown than all of Segal's movies together. :)

hanso 10/17/2008 5:08:54 PM
<P itxtvisited="1">Alright J, name me one that can then?  I'm trying to think of one and can't. I know one directed Aeon Flux but she just proves my point.</P><BR itxtvisited="1" />Blynd I'll be there opening weekend for this, I ain't hating on it that bad. Now Max Payne that's a different story. I'm taking your advice on that one.<BR itxtvisited="1" /><BR itxtvisited="1" />And Jarrod don't be acting like Stevenson doesn't have a sort of Steven Segal back in Out for Justice look cause you know he does :)
JarrodSarafin 10/17/2008 6:48:14 PM

Based on one bad photo, Hanso?

The Steven Segal comparisons are off that one bad photo. All I'm saying is that is where the comparisons end. Ray Stevenson has more acting talent in his pinkie finger than Segal has overall. Seeing the comparisons just because of one photo seems a bit nuts to me.

And Hanso...Kathryn Bigelow did a fine job at action in Point Break and Near Dark. Kathleen Kennedy isn't too shabby as a producer herself. The point I was trying to make is that someone shouldn't be discounted as "less fanboy" because they happen to be the opposite sex as the dominating male category within Hollywood.

There are plenty of females that are just as knowledgeable in SW, Star Trek, action movies, horror movies, and whatever lore out and about. That goes for comics too. It's not Lexi's fault that Hollywood tends to hire more male directors for action movies. Using her gender as a reason to skip out on the movie seems strange.

hanso 10/17/2008 7:29:05 PM

lol, yea man based on that bad photo.  you know what they say about first impressions dont ya? But for realz, in the trailer he kinda looked like Segal in one shot.  Im just talkin about appearences, not acting skills.

Ok, to be clear I'm not skipping the movie cause it's being directed by Lexi, I'll be there opening weekend front and center to catch this flick.  Second, I never said Lexi is or isn't a fanboy nor that she should be discounted cause as one for being a chic.

I did say aint no chic that can direct action. I'll give you Bigelow cause Point Break owns son!!  but you had to reach back to early 90s man to find a decent one so I ain't 2 confident with what Lexi gonna do.

AntoBlueberry 10/18/2008 12:06:03 PM

Back to the eraly 90s?

Go to see the latest Bigelow movie "The Hurt Locker". She still kicks all kind of asses as a director.

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