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Lexi Alexander responds to 'Punisher' trailer reactions

    June 17, 2008
Source: lexialexander.com

'Punisher War Zone' director Lexi Alexander posted her reaction to fan reaction to the recently released general audience trailer for the film. She's got a message for the fans...and the haters!

I’m not sure what kind of impression I would get from this trailer if I didn’t actually know the film. I am utterly impressed, though, they managed to find that much PG rated action footage at all. It had to be a challenge to cut a trailer from our action stuff without showing any gore and blood.

I’ve been told that you can’t even show heads blowing up in red-band trailers. I hope that’s not true because that would suck. It’s weird to see Castle shoot all those bullets and not see the thugs who are catching them. That’s the best fucking part about it!!!

I’m very happy that the hardcore Punisher fans recognized the lines taken directly from the comic books (all credit goes to Ray Stevenson for that), and that MAX fans appreciated the color theme that was also directly copied from the books.

Yes …don’t expect this Punisher to be set in an ultra-realistic world. Every director has to make a call on the vision and style of a film and putting The Punisher in a realistic and gritty setting would be like having Det. Vic Mackey of THE SHIELD run around with a big ass skull on his chest, or Ray Liotta’s character in NARC suddenly go: “Hey, I think I just saw a guy whose face looks like a Jigsaw puzzle.” Ha, ha.

Real crime stories and comic books are two different worlds for me. It was my first priority to please The Punisher comic book fans and with all the respect to two wonderful actors, I wasn’t trying to become a member of the Dolph Lundgren or Thomas Jane fan club. This film is about the mythology of FRANK CASTLE, it is ultra violent and it will look not a little, but a lot like this:

I’ve been reading some of the boards out there and I want to give a shout out to the loyal, excited and trusting fans who have been trying to shut up the haters & trolls in the most hilarious way. Being a little Hooligan girl myself, I’m a sucker for anybody who fights for their firm (gang) and stands up for a cause. I also need to thank the haters because it is indifference that would be the real nightmare.

I just saw THE INCREDIBLE HULK and I really, really loved it. Ed Norton rocks and Louis Leterrier did an excellent job with action, style, pace and everything. If the hate they received for their first trailer is an indication to how well that film turned out in the end, hell…I want more hate!

So long mates!



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