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Unreleased Licenses

The following pages are not intended to be a list of anime release dates. This is intended to tell you what shows have been licensed by U.S. commercial anime companies and when they intend to start releasing them as dates are announced. In Other Words: If it's on this list you shouldn't be fansubbing it, distributing it, or attempting to acquire fansubs of it.

Many companies, for whatever reason, don't update their pages with this info (at least not regularly), so we're hoping to remedy that with this list. Titles may change in name as they're brought over, but unlike years ago most shows tend to have an English version already lined up when the show goes into production in Japan.

Important - We don't include hentai titles in this list. Companies generally do not announce new licenses, perform massive name changes with them and there are generally so many of them as one-shots that they would overwhelm the list. Does this mean I think hentai is evil and you're bad for buying it? NO!

We strive to be as accurate as possible, but I can only do that with help. Any companies reading this - PLEASE feel free to contact us any corrections or clarifications.