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Little Norse Prince

Takahata’s Little Norse Prince tells the story of Horus, a young man who pulls a blade out of a Rock Giant only to discover that it is the Sword of the Sun and, if reforged, the sword’s destiny will transform the boy into the Prince of the Sun. Urged by his dying Father to return to the place where he was born, Horus travels back to his native village. Here, he encounters the evil ice demon Grunwald whose cunning method of destroying communities is manipulating people and turning them against each other.

Horus brings more trouble to the village when he becomes friends with the beautiful Hilda, whose haunting songs conceal a dark secret, and invites her to stay with them. Although intended as a children’s film, Little Norse Prince deals with some mature topics such as death, deception, and the capacity of people to be petty and selfish.

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Region 2 - Japan/Europe

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