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Little Red Hot: Bound #1 Coming From Image Comics This Wednesday

A unique marketing push will offer the comic in-store and online

By ARNOLD T. BLUMBERG     June 18, 2001

Interior art for LITTLE RED HOT: BOUND #1
© 2001 Image Comics

Get ready to get BOUND. This Wednesday, June 20, Image Comics will release Dawn Brown's LITTLE RED HOT: BOUND #1. Featuring the exploits of Chane, "a retired bounty hunter literally fighting for her soul," this three issue mini-series is also benefiting from a truly 21st century style PR push, with the entire first issue available online from Image.

According to Brown, the title focuses on "a fiercely independent woman who is trying to exist in this world as best as she can. She's broken free from a relationship with a terribly possessive boyfriend who also just so happens to be the Devil. Nevertheless, Chane wants to put all the metaphysical elements of her life behind her, but she quickly learns that's not such an easy thing to do."

Chane debuted in Brown's 1999 mini-series, LITTLE RED HOT: CHANE OF FOOLS, but the author expects BOUND to be a bit of a departure. "My goal is to bring LITTLE RED HOT to an even wider audience, so a couple things had to improve," says Dawn. "Most noticeably, the book is now in full color. The biggest challenge was using color to convey mood and atmosphere in a way that still plays to the strengths of classic black & white narratives. I also made it my number one goal to create a story that required zero back history from the reader. This issue is a true number one. Everything you need to know is right here."

Image is high on the new series and proud of the fact that it's shipping a month early. Besides all 27 pages of BOUND #1, pages from the next two issues are also on display at

For her part, Brown is quick to point out that the entire first issue is also available on her website,  "My hope is that this is yet another incentive for retailers and readers to try this series," says Brown.


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