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Living and The Dead, The

You are a simple, country doctor in a small village. You have a beautiful wife and a wonderful son - the perfect life. Only they don't know that in your past, you did a very bad thing! People died because of it, and you were forced to flee and live incognito. Now, in an opportunity to redeem yourself, you unwittingly unleash a brutal and perverse murderer, a deviant sociopath hell bent on using innocent people in a Grand Guignol of flesh and blood - a veritable nineteenth-century snuff theater. You alone can end his reign of sick terror - but at the risk of revealing your secret past and losing everything you love. Only you don't know what's worse - what you've created - or what you have to do to stop him!

Set up as a feature film at Solipsist Films with Brad Anderson directing.

Genre: Graphic Novel Adaptation, Horror

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Anderson's LIVING/DEAD to Lens Next Year? Oct 29, 2009
Brad Anderson to direct THE LIVING AND THE DEAD Oct 07, 2009