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The Lizard Kings

The '80s nostalgia favorite Herculoids charge the toy scene courtesy of a new line of action figures from Toynami

By Andrew Kardon     November 05, 2002

The Herculoids King Zandor, his wife Tara and their son Dorno stampeded to the forefront of Hanna-Barbera's classic run of 1980s cartoons as they befriended a number of dinosaur-like creatures and took on all sorts of monsters every week. Among the good guys was the mighty, laser beam-shooting dragon Zok, the rock-throwing Igoo and the missile-firing, rhinoceros-like Tundro. Not to mention the bubbly and shape-shifting Gloop and Gleep.

The cartoon may be some 20 years old, but fans have been following the characters faithfully ever since. And with the show airing in reruns on the Boomerang Network, the Herculoids' popularity is seriously on the rise. Toss in a major trend of '80s properties getting the big redesign kick in toys, comics and cartoons, and these guys are begging for some play. While there's no Herculoids cartoon or comic in the works, the gang is finally getting the toy treatment courtesy of Toynami.


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