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Plus: TRANSFORMERS 3, SILVER SURFER, 30 DAYS Sequels and more!

By Rob M. Worley     November 23, 2009
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'Lobo' F/X Talk. Plus: Bay loves Fox for 'Transformers 3'. 'Silver Surfer' solo story sacked. More '30 Days of Night' sequels possible. More!  A twiddler, a dreamer, a silly heart and a jabberbox, it's your Comics2Film 9.11.23!




In case you missed it during Mania's weekend reportage, the trailer for the preview of 'Smallville's January 2010 return went online. Check it out for a look at upcoming show appearances by Dr. Fate, Sandman and (dramatic pause) Green Lantern!



Straczynski says SILVER SURFER Sacked

Way back in 2007, when buzz on the second 'Fantastic Four' movie was still good, Fox was eager to get a 'Silver Surfer' spin-off going. To that end, they hired J. Michael Straczynski to whip of a script for a solo film for the scion of the spaceways.

Collider.com chatted with Straczynski at the press junket for 'Ninja Assassin' and asked him about the current state of the project.

"What happened was when FF2 didn’t do as well as they hoped it would do, it caused them to call into question a Silver Surfer movie," Straczynski said. "The script that I wrote picked up right where FF2 left off. So if they do a Silver Surfer film down the road, it’ll have to be its own separate [thing]."

They also asked if his script took a light tone, like the 'Fantastic Four' movies.

"It was definitely adult fare. I wanted to tell the origin of the Surfer and get into that whole thing," he said.

Fox is reportedly planning a 'Fantastic Four' reboot.

Click through for the complete Q & A with lots of interesting comments from Straczynski about the 'Forbidden Planet' movie and more!



Sands Penning THE RED STAR

During the same 'Ninja Assassin' chat, Collider.com also talked with the movie's other writer, Michael Sands.

"I’m working on a giant Timur Bekmambetov sci-fi project called 'Red Star' over at Universal. Again, I’d like to think that could become a movie soon but whether it actually is, beyond my control," Sands revealed. "[I've] finished a number of drafts," Sands said of the project. "It’s a giant sci-fi project based upon a graphic novel by Christian Gossett."

He also commented on how budget can affect a "giant sci-fi project" in the writing stages.

"I’m always given a rough sense of a budget. That can change though. You can be writing a $200 million movie and be told, 'Oh, it’s 50 now.' Or you can be writing a $50 million movie and suddenly it becomes a $200 million movie. Yeah, you have to be aware of who you’re writing for," Sands said.

Fans of Gossett's comic know that the story is epic in proportions so here's hoping the budget accommodates its ambitious scope.

Click through for more from Sands including talk of his upcoming Denzel Washington film.



Niles says More 30 DAYS could Follow DARK DAYS

With the '30 Days of Night: Dark Days' sequel filming in Vancouver, Bloody Disgusting chatted with creator Steve Niles about the future of the franchise.

"Right now we’re just trying to get this one in the can," Niles said. "If that goes well, we’re set up to move forward. We got a great young cast that we can bring along if this works out well, and we’ll be ready to keep going with the story. Plus, the comics are done. God, what do we have, like seven different graphic novels now if it actually took off?"



Bay to Haters: Leave Megan Fox Alone!

Sobbing and overwrought, like a male version of Chris Crocker, director Michael Bay has a message for the ravening pack of wolves out to get his lovely leading lady Megan Fox: "Leave her alone!".

OK, Bay probably wasn't sobbing or overwrought, and he didn't really say "leave her alone" exactly. He did come to the actress' defense at a recent Victoria's Secret show.

This after a summer of perceived sniping between the pair in the wake of their mega-hit 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'.

To quickly recap: Fox was quoted by a magazine calling Bay "Hitler" among other things. Then, a mysterious "open letter" allegedly (and anonymously) authored by three of Bay's crew members appeared on Bay's own site excoriating the actress for across-the-board bad behavior during the filming. The letter quickly disappeared and was replaced with a message by Bay saying he doesn't condone such things, even though it got posted on his own website. Another crew member came to Fox's defense writing an open letter of praise, while Fox told EW that she had hugged it out with Bay. Still, rumors persisted and last month a story surfaced that Bay planned to kill Fox's character off in the sequel.

Which brings us to the weekend's story, where Bay told USA Today that everything is fine with the actress and he's growing weary of the Megan Fox backlash. He told the national paper that he loves the actress and attributes some of her behavior to her being young and under the pressure of suddenly being a world symbol.

"She called me (after the Hitler comment) and goes, ‘It’s all bullsh—t, Mike.’ The press, they just like to prey, and stalk, and pounce and find a good little juicy thing. But she’s always wanted to do these crazy comments. That’s just her. She’s great," Bay said, and added that the story that she's going to die a sudden and terrible death in the sequel is completely untrue.

"She’s got a great part in 'Transformers 3'," said Bay.



LOBO Special Effects Chatter

Guy Ritchie's 'Lobo' movie seems to be on the fast track. With 'Sherlock Holmes' bowing in a month, the director should be clear to jump to his next project, which will hopefully be the DC Comic's butt-whoopin' bastich. The weekend interwebs have yielded a pair of stories about the direction of special effects on that movie.

As Comics2Film at Mania reported last month Ritchie and the producers are still working out exactly how to depict the title character, with his cartoon, 'roided-up physique, his pale white (and not blue) skin, his blood red eyes and his painted face. Sources told us they're exploring everything from an all-CGI creation to a muscle suit.

Eyecrave.net chatted with an unnamed source at Legacy Effects, the special effects house formerly known as Stan Winston Studios. They learned that Legacy is working on Marvel's 'Thor' and 'Captain America' movies, as well as 'Lobo'.

The mystery man at Legacy said they've been doing concept designs for the film on body casts that they have in the shop. This source was of the mind that getting an actor who is more of a physical match for 'Lobo' would be the better way to go.

Meanwhile, the folks at Latino Review spoke with producer Joel Silver about the movie. They asked him to weigh in on the question of CGI vs muscle suit.

"There's been some interesting tests. It's pretty spectacular," Silver said. "So that's gonna come about soon I think."

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




AntoBlueberry also send in this cool bit of footage to brighten up your Monday blahs. According to Antonello, it's an Italian fan movie about the giant Japanese robot Grendizer and the aliens from Vega fighting over and amidst the city of Lucca, where the biggest comic-book convention in Italy is held.


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Darkknight2280 11/23/2009 7:14:26 AM

Will be hard to make a muscle suit that big without it looking fake. Hellboy worked since Ron Pearlman was already a fairly large man. Will be hard to find a physically large man that can act. Maybe they can get Ron Pearlman to play LOBO, I think he fits the part and Hellboy has a similar tough guy attitude like LOBO, obvisouly LOBOS's is much yougher and off the hook then Hellboy, but i would be willing to bet Pearlman could pull it off.

VinJoy 11/23/2009 7:27:49 AM

I don't care what anybody says, Megan Fox is sexy and cool in my book. Besides, she almost broke down in tears at the MTV awards show claiming what people said about her wasn't true. True or not it really seems to me that she's feeling sorry. Plus with her help Transformers 3 will shatter all these undeserved records TDK and New Moon (ugh) hold!

Wiseguy 11/23/2009 7:56:29 AM

Smallville's JSA episode looks badass. Fate and Sandman look like they jumped out of the comic book and Hawkman's costume looked just as good

I loved 30 Days of Night and Dark Days but that's where I stopped. I hope Dark Days does well enough to warrant more sequels, still Melissa George not returning may hurt

Lobo needs to go the AVATAR route. That's the way to do it justice

I saw the video where Fox callsBay Hitler, wtf does she mean it's the press. Eff that ho, Bay needs to have her squashed under Megatron's heels. She really needs to shut the eff up because after Jennifer's Body is clear she's not the attraction people led her to believe, she's just an overhyped extra

Fox studios just needs to surrender all their Marvel licenses back to Marvel. It's clear that most nhave no faith in what they're doing

axia777 11/23/2009 8:51:12 AM

I am with Wiseguy on this one.  Go the Avatar route.  Richie needs to go over to Cameron and ask for his F/X secret juice.  That is the only way to do Lobo right.  It is just to crazy of a universe and setting to make it any other way.

Darkknight2280 11/23/2009 8:56:45 AM

I think you are right WISEGUY they are going to have to make LOBO full on CGI with live action mixed in. As i said above to get his size and proportions true to what the character is a suit isnt going to work.

VINJOY...Transformers 1 & or 2 are no where in the same league as TDK! I mean they are completely differrent. The sheer amount of acting talent TDK had was staggering not to mention the fine writing and direction! Even the Academy recognized that!

AntoBlueberry 11/23/2009 9:26:48 AM

Kevin Durand could play Lobo without CGI and a muscle suit. I won't see another movie with a CGI puppet as the lead. If you want CGI go see a Pixar movie or play a videogame.

savagelee 11/23/2009 9:40:08 AM

 Yay! Megan Fox is an idiot! An overhyped moron! Any one of the girls in "Death Proof" was 4X sexier than Fox will ever be. I see a hundred girls as attractive as Megan Fox every day, and at about 70% of them are smarter, nicer, and cooler. Megan Fox is not special, she's just the girl that Michael Bay likes, and Michael Bay seems to have the worst taste in our entire culture. 

dragon261 11/23/2009 9:42:26 AM

I think a three pronged approach to Lobo's F/X will be a better way to go. Using CGI, make up and animatronics. But it all goes to waste with the wrong actor to play him either in a suit or just his voice. A certain amount of comedic timing is nessceary to deliver Lobo's outragious dialog and one liners.

xenomorph 11/23/2009 9:53:55 AM

That Grendizer video was great. Hard to believe it was all fan made.

almostunbiased 11/23/2009 12:29:34 PM

Enough wity the Megan Fox crap, no body cares about what was said anymore.

Oh and speaking of hot girls, where is the Movie Maven's review this week?  That's what I want to see.

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