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SuperFan 3/28/2011 9:30:51 AM

 not my first choice but I like it, not really sure I had a first choice

Tevii 3/28/2011 9:56:50 AM

Shes a great actress, but a horrible choice for Lois.

The age diffefference is pretty funny too. If the movie is successful, by yhe time there is a third movie she could be anywhere from 45-48

krathwardroid 3/28/2011 10:42:36 AM

Good. She's the best acting choice for Lois Lane. Amy Adams actually warmed my heart in Enchanted, so I look forward to seeing her as Lois Lane. This is a breath of fresh air from the ghastly performance we got from Kate Bosworth. Ew.

gauleyboy420 3/28/2011 12:04:40 PM

this age issue just goes to show that rabid fan boys can bitch about anything...

kalkent 3/28/2011 12:46:01 PM

Maybe its just me, but i dont find her hott. Dont get me wrong i like me some firebush, but she doesnt do it for me. I would rather do Clarks mom... Oh well she is a good actress and beats out Kidder and Bosworth..

SarcasticCaveman 3/28/2011 1:00:27 PM

 LOL...I was thinking that too, gauleyboy420.  It's barely an age difference IMO.  About the same as me and my first real serious girlfriend...I was 26 and she was 33.  So now people are pissed that they've got an experienced, multi-nominated, actual talented person to play a part that was not played well at all in the last outing?........M'kay.

SarcasticCaveman 3/28/2011 1:02:41 PM

 Plus, it was only very recently (last few years or so) that Hollywood has started making teen comedies and dramas starring actual teens, and even then they're still pretty rare.  Usually teens are played by people in their 20's and 30's.

ddamaged 3/28/2011 2:12:01 PM

@wessmith1966: Didn't you know? To most of Holywood's demographic, and anyone under 25, mid-30s is geriatric. It's more believable to them that a mother of a 5 year old, Pulitzer-prize winning, veteran reporter with years of experience reporting for the Metropolis-equivalent of the New York Times could be 23.  Just think she graduate high school when she was 12, college when she was 16, and a cub reporter straight out of college (again age 16).

According to our youth-fetishizing pop culture, anyone over 30 is irrelevant and has nothing of value to contribute to art, music, or entertainment. Those of us who are over 30 should realize the crystal in our palms are blinking, and we should just go to Carousel and "renew." 


ddamaged 3/28/2011 2:17:59 PM

@SarcasticCaveman: I agree that teen movies starring actual teens are more authentic. I find it just as ridiculous for a 26-year old to play a 16-year old as I do a 23-year old playing a 36-year old.

ddamaged 3/28/2011 2:19:36 PM

Oh elrushbo, Margot Kidder (b. 1948) was only 4 years older than Christopher Reeve (b. 1952).

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