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teabagging2000 7/6/2007 7:12:30 AM
Love the show and this season has been top notch for the most part. The info on the Good Doctor's temporary companion is incorrect though. According to yesterday's BBC article it will be) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/6267680.stm) For those of you that haven't had a chance to catch the last 3 seasons the show is not to be missed. My local PBS stations started playing the first of the new shows (W/ Chris Eccleston) last month and this season goes to SciFi this week. "Who looks at a scredriver and think, this could be more sonic!?"
lincolnparadox 7/6/2007 9:12:54 AM
Well, fourth season is probably the last season for RTD and most likely Tennant. Considering how popular the show is, they'll turn the reigns over to someone else. It would be neat to see Martha as a regular in Torchwood. I'm also curious if RTD will still keep making Torchwood if he leaves Doctor Who.
squidward247 7/6/2007 11:38:28 AM
Try as I might I've never been able to embrace The Doctor as a believable sci-fi entity. Blame it on the fact I'm American, I don't know. That said the few episodes I saw with Christopher Eccleston were good and made me WANT to turn in, but I just lost interest. Gonna have to give it another try.
smegforbrain 7/6/2007 1:18:44 PM
"While season three of the regenerated Doctor Who has been the strongest since the show's return, the finale, fittingly titled 'Last of the Time Lords' was sadly disappointing, wasting the scenario established in the preceding two wonderful episodes." This sums up everything so wonderfully on my thoughts for the series. I'm not sure what to make of the change in companion though. Yes, Tate was a bitch, but she wasn't half bad by the end. And I didn't care for Martha either at first, but she wasn't half bad by the end of the series either. I'm not sure I like her going to Torchwood, even for a handful of episodes, though.
xephon 7/8/2007 10:54:31 AM
Umm... teabagging2000? That link's the same one Matt put in the article. The third link under 'The Companion Piece'.
evilron 7/8/2007 9:23:02 PM
I like the bitchiness of Tate but not the fact that she's so thick. Maybe if they smarten her up a bit.


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