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Fluffhead 3/10/2010 9:26:27 AM

 Hazaa'a are in order for all of the people who had faith in Ben!

I'm thinking that Widmore is there to pick up SmLocke. Perhaps he was originally banished from the island due to being caught in cahoots with MIB... something to ponder.

Also, I believe that Jacob was referring to Desmond being the one coming to the island. Des and Penny are coming via sailboat (I'm assuming, seeing as how they live on one, haha), so therefore the lighthouse would've assisted them. Whereas Widmore is in a sub, so it would not have helped so much.

gauleyboy420 3/10/2010 9:51:15 AM


I have thought for a while now that Ben is the tragic hero. Never truly evil, as he has always done what he genuinely thought was right... Loved the glimpse into his life as a teacher and his Dealings with Principal Peck#r , "That's PECK!" ("it's true your honor, the principal has no d!ck")

I was on the edge of my seat though even with my suspicions of Ben doing what was right, I wasn't sure he'd do what was right for Alex... My heart nearly broke when he went into the principal's office and moved the name plate... AND I was so happy when he accepted IIlayna's offer. Jacob may not be good, but I don't think Smlocke is either.

It was my belief Richard came from the Black Rock, and he definitely was a prisoner... I still think the Others might have been other crew members too... AND they gave us the answer about Richard's age, G0d-like Jacob granted him immortality... YAY ANSWERS!!!

Like seeing Jack stoic, funny now that he is the man of faith... I too thought Richard was going to put the fuse out, was cool to see it go out on it's own.


I loved this episode, and I LOVED the ending. The endings from seasons 1-2 where music played at the end during a montage were always my favorites, emotional, and this was a nod to those endings.

I also loved the scene of Hurley, Jack and Richard comin around those trees to be reunited with friends on the beach. It's been a long time since we saw that, and it genuinely felt good to see it again.



gauleyboy420 3/10/2010 9:53:41 AM







karas1 3/10/2010 10:37:20 AM

There is nothing you can say to convince me that the slaughter of the entire Dharma Inititive was "good".  Some of the people in control may have been a little dicey but most of them were just people, putting in a full work day and haning out with their families.  Just honest folks.  Killing them was not good.

It may have been necessary from Jacob's point of view, or Smokey's point of view.  But it wasn't good.

Therefore, Ben can't be Chaotic Good.  Chaotic Neutral perhaps.  But mass murder has always been evil, no matter what the intent.

Kara S

Tritan56 3/10/2010 11:17:44 AM

     Great review Joe. I been down south for a couple months, but am so happy to be back up East, to enjoy the theories, bantering, and endless possibilities regarding the best show on Tv, Lost. First off,as much as i wanna embrace the theory of Ben being a "Good guy", im not quite sold due to the fact that Island Ben is still making bad decisions, as where flash sideways Ben,much like all of the other characters are rectifying their mistakes and making good on past screw-ups. Ben saved Alex, much like Kate cared for Claire, and Jack parented his son a helluva lot better than Christian did to him.So it's still like a do-over for me in the SLU ya know what i mean?

However, in finishing my Ben analysis, maybe he is good, because if you recall, after Keamey shot Alex, when Ben had his late night pop in with Widmore, he re-iterated for the second time "they changed the rules". Now i am fully aware that he unsuccessfully attempted to take Penny's life as payback for that incident,but that line still resonates with me. What rules exactly, and how would Widmore play in these so called rules?He tells Ben, "The island was once mine, and it will be again". Ok fine, you were there way back in the day, with Mom Faraday, but technically how was it yours, and where did you go when Ben had you banished?I guess we will find out very soon, as good ol' Charlie is currently enroute.

I could very well be retreading past stories that most people feel were already wrapped up, but i think a little more explaining of the connection to Ben,Widmore,Jacob,MIB, and even Richard is long overdue, and with 11 hours to go, im concerned were gonna be a little let down.Regardless of what happens, im tuned in more than ever, and i better not see a hint of a diner,onion rings,or Journey's "Don't stop believing" anywhere near that final episode! Keep up the great work Joe. Take care all.

xpaladinx45 3/10/2010 11:32:07 AM

Tritan - technically Ben's attempted retribution by killing Penny didn't fail.  He chose not to just prior to being tackled by Desmond (note that his change of heart came when little charlie hume showed up on deck, bringing back memories most likely of a certain baby he was at one time supposed to kill...Alex)

As for the Richard/Widmore/Jacob connections, there is a Richard centric episode coming up in....2 weeks i think?  So at the very least i think we'll get some more details on Richard, Jacob and MIB

vinylcharmer 3/10/2010 12:06:41 PM

Joe great review to a great episode. But as siad by another poster I don't beliee Hurley said "Cheese Carrots" but instead said "Cheese Curds". Regardless of which is correct it still made me laugh.

And now for a few things that I wanted to say... First congrats Joe, for being right about Ben. I also liked that there was some real weight to this transformation.

Now on to the way I see things as they stand after this ep. You can firmly count me in the camp that believes that the SLU is the epilogue to the series. BUT I also believe they are using it to fill in why certain characters are doing what they do. Based on the shows we have seen thus far I think it's pretty clear. So far every character has exemplifed in the SLU the very traits they are now showing on the island.

  • Ben was able to make the righteous choice and for the right reasons last night in the SLU which is reflected in what happened on the island.
  • In Jack's ep he finally begins to accept his fate & role on the island which was mirrored in the SLU with his ability to reconnect with his son and change his ways to not be like his father.
  • Kate even though she had no reason to, went back and helped Claire with her baby and Claire did what she needed to do to protect the unborn Aaron.
  • Sayid & Keamey regardless of universes are both bad-a$$es. Spiritualy and physically.
  • Hurley showed that he had become successful as person not just in wealth.
  • Locke accepts his fate being bound to chair for the rest of his life. Remember he didn't choose to be evil it's only his physical manifestation of MIB on the island.
  • Sawyer, well we'll see next week how his life has changed in the SLU. But I believe this will reconfirm my belief that he is playing Smlocke.

In the end I think we will see Jack take over the role as Jacob, with Widmore as MIB and after Jack defeats Widmore he will do what he has always wanted and tried to do. Reset to the universe with everyone's lives reflecting the lessons learned from their time on the island. Possibly with some of them regaining a portion of that knowledge by the end of the last episode with Desmond's help.

Also I can't wait to see in 2 weeks Richard's episode when I will learn if I was right that some of the Losties were on the the Black Rock.

millean 3/10/2010 12:36:05 PM

Great episode, great review again, Joe.

So were we supposed to take it that Jacob's touch == immortality for the touched (as long as someone else doesn't kill you)?  If so, it obviously doesn't stop aging, as both Kate & Sawyer grew up to adulthood after Jacob's "gift".  Maybe it stops your aging only on the island???

Kind of interesting if you think about it, especially in Locke's case.  He was going to commit suicide, then changed his mind before Ben took care of that for him.  I think we've seen Jack stave off suicide as well, and Hurley also backed down from being talked into it.  Have all of the candidates staved off suicide?

If those are the rules, then it is an impressive feat that Richard has been around for so long considering the amount of killing that takes place on that island.

cheekymonkey 3/10/2010 1:38:12 PM

Count me as one who is not yet convinced.  Ben is what ever works for Ben at the time.  Locke thought Ben was good once, look what happened to him.  I hope he turns a corner because I like the character, but I still have my doubts.  Good episode

Off topic, but I was thinking about the show today and I kept on coming to an ending where Jack and Sawyer (or MIB Locke) are on the beach having almost the exact same conversation as Jacob and MIB did.  Sawyer looks over and tells Jack, "Do you know how much I want to kill you right now."  Fade to LOST logo.  I have nothing to base this on, just my theory

Tritan56 3/10/2010 2:31:33 PM

Good point Xpaladin. Thanks for the heads up on the Richard episode coming up too.

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