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almostunbiased 1/30/2009 6:24:26 AM

You know I love this show, and I love it more as they keep making it harder and harder to figure out.  Usually they either never explain something (why the magic numbers are what they are) or I would guess the mysteries right in early seasons, but the last season and this one have gotten very complicated.  I'm loving that.  Hate always knowing what will happen on a show.  This one definitely keeps you guessing.  I'm not saying I never figure stuff out anymore, but I love being wrong and this show just blowing my mind with something I wasn't looking for.  Sadly I wonder if the rest of America feels the same way or will they think "this show is confusing", and tune out.  Let's hope not, because I think this is how TV should be.

I thought it would be boring for those that made it off, but both Jack and Hurley's stories are very engaging.  Kate's not, yet, but I think as she goes after the lawyer team that will be cool.  You know she's bad ace and will kick butt and take names.  Plus good old Ben is still doing what he does best.

I think Richard is one of the most interesting characters.  Can't wait to learn more.

As for Sawyer being the 4 toed statue, no way.

On a side note I thought they had only a set number of seasons and they were going to end this, but then I saw an interview with Lilly (who is not only hot, but seems just perfect and totally different from her character) and she said the show would just keep going and going.  Talk about confusing???

AMiSHPiRATE 1/30/2009 7:42:42 AM

 Joe, I read a theory about Sawyer as Jacob that touches on your amputated toe idea.  He loses his toe, then somehow gets thrown far enough back in time to become the god of the others.  It touched on how he's unable to leave the island (twice now he's tried and failed).  

Was anyone else annoyed that Widmore gave Desmond information waaay too easily?  If he's using Desmond as a protector for his daughter (and told Desmond to "get out" of dealing with all this island nonsense), why would he give him intel that will only further embed him in the action?  Makes me think Widmore doesn't really care about his daughter and will let her get hurt/killed to advance his own agenda.

Now that they're time-jumping regularly on the island, who else is excited to see the return of Rousseau and some Black Rock crew?

ripum853 1/30/2009 8:14:03 AM

AmishPirate, I always wonder if Richard was part of the Black Rock crew?  With his aging 'dilemma' it seems that he could've been there even before that; but I wouldn't be surprised if the Black Rock was Richard's origin.  I'm definitely sure we'll see Rousseau with the time-jumping, which greatly pleases me.


I also thought it was a very sweet gesture of Desmond and Penny to name their kid Charlie, great touch.


And I agree, Hanso, that was a nice catch with the Bomb possibly being what was under that hatch; that would be a great puzzle peice.

btw, I also agree that Ellie was Mrs. Hawking, and Faraday's mother....but now it kinda seems so obvious, that I'm almost expecting it to take an odd curve, and his mother will be someone else entirely.  This makes a lot more sense though, so hopefully it's the case.


I also wonder about Lapidus, and more naggingly Kelvin, thanks for mentioning them.  I heard that we also get to meet the actual Henry Gale at some point.

ripum853 1/30/2009 8:21:53 AM

btw Joe, thanks for catching the woman working at Oxford as the woman working at the airport.  That was something that I would've totally missed, since it's been too long in between her two appearances.  It also adds to my theory (and probably most others by this point) that some/most of our main characters were manipulated in their lives, to eventually get them onto that plane; whether Whidmore, or Ben, etc.  did it, I don't know.

ripum853 1/30/2009 8:40:00 AM

Me again, this will be my last comment at least for a few hours, I swear.  But I was also thinking of how they were on the Island in 1954, and that they were once again at war with someone.  The thing is, Dharma doesn't get there, supposedly, until the 80's, isn't it?  Could it have been the first wave, or an earlier wave, of Dharma and/or Hanso attacking the island?  Or a third party altogether? 


I'm still a bit hazy on that whole history, and if Whidmore fit into Dharma/Hanso at all, or if he was always just an Other until he was "banished"?  I forget, whose name was on the log book from the Black Rock that Whidmore bought at the auction?  It was Hanso, wasn't it?

JoeArtistWriter 1/30/2009 9:08:10 AM

Amishpirate, Sawyer being the 4-toed statue would give extra weight to Ben's little speech to Sawyer last season. Something like "Out there you're a conman, but here, you're brave, you're handsome - you're a hero, James." Not saying it's definite, but again, I need someone to address that stupid giant marble foot.

I felt Widmore gave the answers easy too, but I'm gullible enough to believe he has Penny's best interests at heart. That and he may feeel he has to treat Desmond with kid gloves now that Des has proven to be a "wildcard."

I do believe all these "Charlies" will pay off one day. One obvious theory is little Charlie Hume (assuming they gave him his dad's last name) grows up to be Charles Widmore... so Penny gives birth to her own father. I'm not sold on that yet, but I'm betting the writers named him that to throw us down that trail at least. (and naturally as an homage to the late great Charlie Pace.)

And Ripum, As for long-haired Richard in the 70's,(when he meets Ben as a child)  and shorter haired Richard in 54, it's possible Richard and Widmore have battled. Widmore heading up the Dharma people, with funding from Hanso et al, and Richard is forced to live underground. This would explain why Richard was onboard with the Dharma purge. I definitely think we'll see a big, messy Alpert/Widmore confrontation coming up soon.


ripum853 1/30/2009 9:57:02 AM

Well I just re-watched the episode, and you can ignore my question as to who the others were at "war" with in the 50's, since apparently it was the U.S. Government, something I was just ignoring I guess.

hanso 1/30/2009 10:00:10 AM

Joe I forgive you, just don't let it happen again ok.

I think you guys are looking into the 4 toe statue too much.  The producers said the statue was placed there to give the Island some history, let us know that people have run into the island through many years.

I think what's happening with Charlotte is sort of the same thing that was happening to Marty Mcfly's family in Back to the Future.  By McFly going back in time and interfering with his parents meeting, he &  his brothers started to disappear.  I think when the Island jumped, there was a shift in time that messed with Charlotte's history.  That's why she can't remember her mother's name and why she's having the symptoms.  Also, one of the characters is set to die in the next couple of episodes, my money was on Juliet since her story is I think her story is pretty muched played out but from the looks of it, it seems Charlotte might be biting the dust.

Ripum - When Widmore was bidding on the Black Rock diary, the diary had been in possession of the Hanso family but not the founder of The Hanso Foundation.  Alvar Hanso founded the Hanso Foundation which led to the Dharma Initiative, I believe the diary was owned by Magnus Hanso.  And yes, they are all my relatives.

Also, whoever asked about Locke becoming Bentham, I think we'll get our answer soon, the 6th episode of Lost is titled if I remember correctly: The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

JoeArtistWriter 1/30/2009 10:33:52 AM

Hanso, if it were a 5-toed statue, I would buy into the "giving the island some history" story, but there has to be a story about a four-toed statue. There's more to it than establishing a timeframe. There just has to be. Again, I'm not sold on the time-traveling Sawyer equals 4-toed statue, but it's the best guess out there so far.

Ripum, I didn't mean to ignore the question, I don't know the answer, but my guess is the US government could be involved.  The weapons have been established as WWII weapons, and that war was over in '45. I believe the uniforms were addressed as early 1950's and that gets us to the Korean War 50-53.

It seems if Richard really has been there for a "very long time," and possibly back to ancient 4-toed statue times (there it is again) this island has been attacked and protected successfully by Richard, Jacob and the Others for thousands of years, and from dozens of armies. It shouldn't surprise anyone buying into the Richard is VERY OLD theory that the American government is aware of the island too, and has made some covert missions over there to see if they can't claim it for the good ol' U.S of A.

So maybe American troops were secretly dropped off there somewhere between WWII and Korea, and they got their asses handed to them by the Others. That's how I read it at this point anyway.

JoeArtistWriter 1/30/2009 10:46:25 AM

BTW Hanso, the McFly reference is interesting. Charlotte said she couldn't remember her mother's maiden name. I believe the writers chose the mothers maiden name for a reason. Charlotte could have easily said, "I don't remember my own birthday," or " I can't seem to recall my high school mascot," but I'm once again offering my famous non-guarantee-able guarantee that Charlotte's mother's maiden name will pay off some how.

Her similarity to the woman in the coma (Theresea?) is also not coincidental. There  is a Daniel, Charlotte, Theresea connection. Mark my words. (Wow, I've never marked my own words before. It's empowering.)

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