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hanso 6/30/2009 7:41:11 AM

Lost is getting an extra hour for the final season and opening up with a two hour season premiere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SgtTechCom 6/30/2009 8:58:53 AM

Gee Very Proud of Lost and people say Smallville has run it's course haha.

Wiseguy 6/30/2009 2:51:51 PM

I haven't seen Blessed since Flash Gordon I think he may be too old anyway. John Rhys-Davies is the man for the role as ODIN, especially after seeing the wonderful job he did in Krod Mondoon :)

Iron Man 2 can't happen soon enough, Whiplash, Black Widow, Fury, villain robots, sweeeet

Bendis and Quesada are two lucky sobs, but they earned it with all the great work they've put in at Marvel. I don't care what anyone says about Joe he is the effing man

fft5305 6/30/2009 6:26:45 PM

JRD would be good for Odin. Even though Alexander Skarsgard didn't get the job for Thor, I could still see Stellan for Odin.

When do we get some shots in costume for IM2? I'm tired of tweets!

dnbritt 7/1/2009 3:48:56 AM

What, Wiseguy, you missed Blessed's amazing performance as Boss Nass in The Phantom Menace?

RandomChance 7/1/2009 2:28:20 PM

Oh my god, Boss Nass was Brian BLESSED?!?! 

... wow. I'll... uh... I'll just continue to remember him as Vultan, I think. And maybe as King Richard in BlackAdder.


Very much looking forward to Middleman at the comic-con. I really wish ABCFamily'd treated the show better, instead of giving it the Fox-style time slot and programming  shuffle into cancellation. It was probably the funnest, wittiest show i've seen in the last several years. At least they're releasing the DVD...



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