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  • TV Series: Lost
  • Episode: : No Place Like Home Part 2 (Season Finale)
  • Starring: Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Mathew Fox, Michael Emerson, Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Written By: Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse
  • Directed By: Jack Bender
  • Network: ABC

LOST: No Place Like Home Part 2

No Place Like Home Part 2 (Season Finale)

By Stephen Lackey     May 31, 2008

This final episode of Season Four of Lost was quite the emotional rollercoaster ride with death and romance, action adventure, and plenty of mystery all rolled into the epic two hours. The episode didn’t pull any punches. It re-established a series of questions the show has been asking and followed through with the answers including one of the really big ones; who was in the casket. It appears the question of Jin’s fate has been answered as well but this is Lost, so things could still change for him next season.

Something that happens fairly regularly on Lost is that the cast gets split up into small splinter groups at various locations on and off the island for an episode or two – then they are finally brought back together. When they come back together is often when the proverbial stuff hits the fan. This episode sees the cast coming together again with Jack and Sawyer catching up to Hurley and Locke being the most important reuniting. There’s a bit of tension between Jack and Hurley at this point, mostly due to Hurley’s guilt over choosing to join Locke’s team over sticking with Jack. Hurley was forced in a way to stick with Locke though, so the guilt shouldn’t be an issue, but it is.

After a quick rescue by Kate, Sayid, and the Other,s Ben returns to Locke at the Orchid station and the full extent of Ben’s plans begin to unfold. The controversial moving of the island came off excellently. That decision by the writers takes the series into a bit more science fiction territory than the series had previously ever been but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for fans outside the genre because the movement was as much a plot tool as anything else and we aren’t likely to see it again. Also worth mentioning is the fight between Sayid and Keamy. When a character has to leave that has been on the show for a while, it is only fitting that the character get a memorable exit. While this scene, the beginning of the end for Keamy, was no “Charlie style” exodus, it was the best fight ever on the series and it further cemented just how badass Sayid is.

The mystery, the questions Lost asks, is the gimmick of the series, but the glue that holds it all together is the characters and their relationships. Lost is deftly able to make these relationships grounded and realistic and moving without falling to far into melodrama, something that occurs a bit too often with the relationships on Battlestar Galactica. Ye,s there were those six filler episodes that nearly destroyed the series that were coated in melodrama last year but it’s better to just block those network influenced episodes out. Sun is always able to pull from real emotion making her scenes moving and the chemistry between Penelope and Desmond is also quite effective. Finally, the back and forth between Kate and Jack is well done too, particularly in the flash forwards. These relationships all evolve and change in this finale in ways that will affect the series all the way to the end, and they are all satisfying.

Rather than just getting spoilerific and recounting the plot of the episode point for point, it’s more important to consider the impact of the episode on the series and to consider whether the episode met the goals set for it by the writers and lived up to the expectations of fans. On all counts, the answer is a resounding yes. More questions were asked as usual but some really big ones were also answered. On top of that, the characters of Miles, Charlotte, and Daniel are important on the island and they don’t feel wedged in just to fill time like Nikki and Paulo were. Next year, Lost won’t look anything like it has in the past. The story of how the Oceanic Six made it home has been fully rendered and the next chapter of their lives is what will be important next season. Commenting that Jack believes that the six have to return to the island isn’t exactly giving away a spoiler for this episode, because scenes of him trying to convince Kate that they must return date back to last season. Next season may show us how Jack, through uneasy alliances, intends for the six plus the body in the casket to return to the island. Speaking of uneasy alliances, Sun makes some decisions in this episode that will play a major role next year too. She’s a changed woman after Jin’s death: angry, bitter, and yes, vengeful. She will establish her own new alliance, with the seeds planted in this episode, to seek out that revenge. All six of the Oceanic Six appeared in the flash forwards in this episode with many of them reunited. The writer’s have shown over and over again what happens when characters finally reunite on the island so one can only imagine what’s in store next year with Sayid and Jack pulling all of the six back together in the real world.

The season finale was exhausting and exhilarating with all the highs and lows. It was also sad because it marked the end of the season and the series won’t return until next year. This episode is a perfect example in every possible way of what makes Lost such a fantastic series. If there were a score higher than an A+, it would be given. If you haven’t watched it yet, set aside whatever you’re doing and fire up your DVR because this one’s a must see immediately before it gets spoiled for you.


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sportwarrior 5/31/2008 2:52:54 AM
So I'm currently watching the two part finale, which was advertised as being 2 hours (minus commercials, of course)... The total running time comes in at about 1 hour 20 minutes... That's 35-40 minutes of commercials... I guess I just expected a bit more running length. Pretty good at about 50 minutes in, though.
hanso 5/31/2008 4:59:47 AM
Hellllllllll yeaaaaaaaaa!! This ep owned baby, sucks that we got wait till next year man.<BR /><BR />First thing I need to get out of the way is the following, the Island actually moving was to way out there for me, I'm going to need a really good explanation for that when the series begins, time traveling bunnies won't cut it.<BR /><BR />Ok, loved the ep as usual. Can't believe Jin is actually dead or appeared to blow up in the boat along with Michael. Still pissed I didn't get a Jacob sighting.<BR /><BR />What the hell was up with Miles and Charlotte when Miles says "What do I mean" after he tells her she's gone to trouble to get back to the island?!! Why does Penny have to be in practically every season finale?<BR /><BR />Can't wait for next season, which I'm guessing will be all about getting back to island no? If they all have to get back including the man in the coffin aka jeremy benthan aka john locke, why doesn't Claire want Aaron to return? To many questions, I need answers!
needaname85 5/31/2008 6:31:56 AM
This episode was one of the best. First, the scene with Locke and Jack in one of their typical brain duels was great. But in typical Lost fashion for every answer there are many more questions asked. But that is for the fans and we embrace it. I honestly could care less about how many people watch this show, if by the end there are only 5 mil viewers, then so be it. All those people stuck around. This is the essential "fan" show.<BR /><BR />Okay, on to the show---hanso I thought that scene with Charlotte and Miles was great. I think the following scene with Chalotte and Faraday was very insightful and a set up for next season. She says "Would it make sense if I told you it had to do with finding out where I was born." That's intriging for obvious reasons (pregnant women and the island). Can Miles see Charlottes dead mother? It's going to be good to have Miles around as the body count rises.<BR /><BR />When it comes to the island moving, now that the time travel has "officially" been broughten up it adds a whole nother level to the show. Maybe the island didn't move rather than just change time. Another hurdle Jack will have to conquer as he makes his way back...you know he will. Maybe? At least now you know how Mr. Friendly and possibly Richard come to and from the island. Still doesn't explain the not-aging thing though.<BR /><BR />Next season should be great. Everyone will have a reason to go back. It might seem that Kate is the most resistant to going back but she will get in trouble again and have no other choice but to run, remember she is on probation and it's been said to her before that she will repeat herself. Syid will go anywhere Ben goes. Sun is out for vengence and that might lead her down to the island, especially if she is told that Jin is alive. Hurley though, it's going to take Charlie to tell him he needs to go back. The biggest question I have about it now is---does everyone include Walt? Grown up Walt. I think it does otherwise bringing him back and that scene with him and Hurley completly useless.<BR /><BR />I wish I could use the Orchid station and time travel to the new season next year. Sorry for taking up so much space. Actually, no. I'm not, have fun. HANSO...ATTENTION HANSO...You my friend are a mutha fn genius. The thought of Charlotte being that girl that exchanged dolls with Ben is making my head spin. I'm going to have to watch that espisode again.<BR /><BR />
rgtchtiger 5/31/2008 7:26:01 AM
While I absolutely loved the finale and feel that February is light years away right now, I do have a gripe with this episode: Michael. There was a ton of hoopla and hype last summer when it was announced he was returning to the show as a regular cast member, and I couldn't wait to see him mix things up again in efforts to fix what wrongs he had made. In the end, he appeared in only about 4 episodes and was blown to bits. Am I the only one who feels a little cheated? (Technically I know I'm not, because I read an interview online with Harold Perrineau and he actually feels the same way. It's at tvguide.com if you want to check it out) I really thought Michael was eventually going to be reunited with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, et al, and Jack probably wanting to kill Michael for the messes he'd made during his time on the island. Instead, he only was reunited with Sayid, Jin, and Sun. I don't think Jack even knew Michael was ever on the freighter. I realize it sounds like I'm hanging over this plot point, but overall the finale definitely gets an A from me. I still think to date Lost's best finale so far has been "Through the Looking Glass," but there was a ton of stuff to love about this episode: Charlotte and the implication she had been to the island before (something I've suspected for a while); Claire's appearence to Kate in a dream (what a way to make the most of a single scene!); Ben not having any qualms about sacrificing the lives of the people on the freighter after killing Keamy (which is ironic since he had told Michael he wouldn't kill the innocent people on the freighter in Michael's episode this season); and of course the Frozen Donkey Wheel. I now am convinced that we won't have any more flashbacks or flashforwards anymore. I think the final two seasons will continue moving forward, with split stories between the Oceanic Six and their individual quests and the rest of the people still on the island. There's a whole lot more I have in my head right now, but in fairness to everyone else I'm going to quit for now and not let this post get too far out of control. :-)
hanso 5/31/2008 7:38:42 AM
Needaname – I thought the Miles/Charlotte stuff was also great, I was just upset they teased that stuff at the season finale and now I have to wait till next season! I read somewhere prior to the finale, that the producers had story to tell for Charlotte and that her name was linked to C.S. Lewis, the Narnia writer. We’ll see what’s up with her. Maybe it turns out she’s Ben’s friend from childhood, forgot that girl’s name. Dude, you din't take up a lot of space, when talking about Lost it's never a lot. Rcgtiger - I think we might still have flashbacks to the events that took place from the time the Oceanic 6 left and there might be more backstory for characters like Charlotte, Miles and Faraday.
sociopathos 5/31/2008 7:53:05 AM
Don't know what her name was either Hanso but I know it wasn't Charlotte (Anne I think). I'm betting that she was the last [erson to move the island and thatshe joined the expedition to get back. Am also betting that when the Six return Walt will be with them.
FilchX 5/31/2008 10:48:21 AM
Loved these episodes. Did no one watch part 1 again with the add fotage? I thought the "new" questions were intresting....exspecially on who the other 3 survivors were who sucumbed to death on the island. All three jack mentioned, boone, libby, and charlie all reprsent the first three seasons and there deaths resulted in major turns in the story. I'm with Hanso on this and I think there will be flash backs next season. In an issue of wizard magazine just 2 months befor the season started lindelof said we would get a flash back of Russoe in season 5. I hope thats true dead or not. Now there are two things that are bothering me from season 3 that I think are bigger hints at whats to come. First off Mekial(oh ya the wishmaster) said something to locke last year thats always bothered me and that was... And you John Locke, You are not the john Locke that I remember... now to me this inplyed time travel. Now I no this sounds crazy but what if Locke is the one who ordered the Purge. Some how after the six left Locke went Time travl'n? And that he was the leader who orderd it? Just a thought. My other theroy is that Jack is Jacob. Now I dont have much evidence of this, but that stupid Tattoo ep from last year always bugs me cause it seems so pointless. Yet his tattoo means if I remember corectlly, he is one of us, yet he is none of us. To me you could describe jacob that way as well. And both are leaders as well as the famliy conection. just a thought. Im sure charrlote was on the island when widmore controled it(if he controled it). I also look forward to the eventuale show down between desmond and ben. All and all great season..sucks we half to wait so long, oh well at least we still have BSG for a few more weeks :)
amateurscientist 5/31/2008 1:01:36 PM
yeah this was a good finale. (*there will be SPOILERS*) I liked how it answered "who was in the coffin?" only to leave the question, "why?" for us to mull over for the months ahead. THAT was a great idea -- because a cliffhanger at this point, at this place, would've ruined the show. I'm glad "they" didn't. I also like how they answered/addressed one of my greatest points of criticism even AS I watched and loved the show: the line, "we're the good guys Michael." now old hat, this was a huge thing, one that was thrown in there leaving us to wonder, "is Ben saying that cause he's just crazy evil and THINKS he's good, or is he really a good guy?" well, he's certainly the lesser of evils, but I like how the unfolding of this season has essentially shown that he is one of the good guys (in his own way). I agree with the autobot rgtchtiger in that they really pumped up Michael's presence on the show only to have him for like a few episodes. even worse: ZOE BELL. c'mon LOST GUYS! what the hell?! her name was on the credits of like almost every episode for atleast the first half of the season if not longer. then, she does her stunt jump and that's it!!! now, I know this might mean that she'll be back, blah blah blah, but that's really dropping the ball frankly. I'm sure Zoe didn't mind the steady check for no work, but still. I think that was poorly handled. but I digress, cause as I said, I DID really like this season closer. I also thought it was good that Desmond FOUND Penny. not just cause I've got a soft spot for romance, but cause with the high body count (that I'm glad they didn't shy away from) letting Desmond actually get what he was wanting and fighting for was nice. somebody should get what they wanted. I loved how Sun is very serious in the present and said to Widmore when she met him "we have mutual interests." that implied that she now knows who's directly responsible for the explosion on the freighter and want Ben's ass. that also has tons of wicked potential for the future, cause she might evolve to be the "secret spy" within the Oceanic 6 or whatever. I liked how Sawyer & Juliette think that there's a different fate for the Oceanic 6... and how that could lead Sawyer to becoming the new Lord of the Flies of the remaining castaways (who knows?). his group may do battle with Locke's group... though, as I think about it, that wouldn't be much of a fight what with Dentist Bernarld "I'm-not-Rambo" Nadler. but there's gotta be some kind of conflict. I like how we learn why Ben was wearing a winter coat. I like how there are consequences to those who "move the island" (are these part of "the rules" that Ben talked about? and does that mean maybe Widmore was once on the island like Ben, and moved the island and now can't get back?). I also liked that there was a lot emotion going on with Ben turning that wheel. it wasn't just physically difficult, it was HARD and showed how he really has changed since his daughter's death. I also liked that they finally SHOWED something fantastic happen AND acknowledged that it was happening between characters (as opposed to "I honestly don't know" answer for the smoke). Like that HUGE sci-fi reveal of that station and it's implications. they didn't smooth it over or shrug it off like it wasn't there. the moving of the island... was pretty interesting. pretty cool. watching LOST I do know that they're really into the "simplest answer being THE answer", so I'm thinking that with the "time traveling bunnies" example, where they "shifted it a minute into the future", I think all Ben did was "shift" the whole island ahead, but probably to the present or something. that would explain why it "disappeared" but also didn't got anywhere. it would essentially be in the same place, just at a later time. that could also be for some really cool stuff in the next two seasons. I'd say that it would be a very cool and even BOLD move to have all of next season be OFF THE ISLAND COMPLETELY. like, NEVER SHOW the island or anyone on it for a whole year. it would be cool and very hard to do -- cause they'd have to make it interesting -- but I think that it would be really creepy and almost maddening (we may grow Grizzley Adams beards like Jack going crazy waiting). but I think it would make for a cool move, cause then we would really be desperate to "get back on the island" just like the characters. we would also be eager to know what happened and why, and if they did "shift into the future" then that would explain it too -- in a weird way. Ben would know the location, but not the "when", and so he would be waiting maybe trying to get back, and Widmore and his people would be following Ben etc. of course the logic ain't exact -- like Locke. he got off. how? but, they're ideas people. there's also the notion that Kate with Aaron is kind of like Ben with Alex in a way, and so they could do something with that. I'd still like to know about JACOB and I wonder if we ever will. I'd still like to know what's up with the four-toed statues. I Richard just a guy who "shifted" around time, or is he something else? I'd like to know. over all it was really good and I'm looking forward to whenever they restart the show.
ThrillerSam 5/31/2008 3:56:01 PM
Just a thought for us all... when we see the Charlotte flashback she is looking at ruins of what appears to be the dharma project and possibly the island in a desert. This makes me really wonder about her connection and how or when with the whole time travel thing is her flashback for the island? HMMMM Does what i say make any sense to anybody. Loved the episode my fave to date I think.
Tritan56 5/31/2008 4:08:11 PM
Ok so i'm a new maniac and posting my first comment and while i agree with the A-plus rating (albeit, i'm a little biased cuz Lost is my favorite show)I didn't know where else to voice a complaint.Can somebody tell me if i missed it or not, but it's been over 2 weeks now and i've yet to see a review on the season finale' of Supernatural! What gives? After that ending with Dean in hell I was sure there would be something discussed right? Like i said, if i missed it then apologies all around and somebody point me in the right direction.Until then though,great finale' of Lost!That show still is the best thing on TV,and last but not least,LOCKE IS NOT DEAD.Not yet anyway,i think he drank some of that spider juice Nikki and Paulo did and is just trying to manipulate Jack and the others back to the island because, Aaron is his successor and next in line to "take care of the island". Just my thoughts.Take it easy all.
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