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  • Age Rating: All
  • Released By: ADV Music
  • MSRP: 14.98
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Lost Universe

Lost Universe Original Soundtrack

By Tiffani Nadeau     July 31, 2005
Release Date: July 01, 2003

Lost Universe Original Soundtrack
© ADV Music

What They Say
Composed by Osamu Tezuka, with vocal performances by Megumi Hayashibara, Mifuyu Hiragi and Masami Suzuki

The Review!
3 out of 5

The CD comes with an insert of 14 pages. The first two pages are a song title list. Each song has a corresponding number after it (such as A1A+A1B) these numbers refer the listener to other pages in the insert where you will find the Music Compendium. The next eight pages are divided by one page of character sketches of the character that sings the vocal song, whose English lyrics are on the opposite page. Next we come to the Music Compendium. The music compendium spans three pages and is divided into characters. The numbered sections (A-E) are split up into character sections and correspond to the songs on in the title list. Each listed reference gives detail about what the song was intended to be from the composer/producers point of view. On the first page of the compendium is a small legend letting you know what certain key things mean. The last page of the insert is of course the CD/Show credits.

Well, this soundtrack was certainly an interesting move. The music certainly fits the scenes of the series, but I?m not quite sure how it holds up on its own. There are times when listening to the music when all you want to do is skip to the next track, but then a song will come on that genuinely moves you. The instrumentals are very synthesizer heavy, and yet still hold an elegant quality that makes them worthy of listening to. The vocals are absolutely fun and upbeat. Even the slower and more down to earth You?re Mine (track #18) has that slight bounce to it, that just keeps you moving through out. The quality of the synthesizer music of a higher caliber than most, making it almost impossible to tell when a particular song is all band, or mostly synthesized.

I?d say, a great blend of big band, synthesizer and good old-fashioned fun. Definitely worth the listen.

Fangboy says?. I think I like it, play it again.

Subtitle 0:11 Instrumental,~ Infinity ~4:30 Vocal (Japanese),Adventure 2:21 Instrumental,Attacker1:53 instrumental,Angel 1:17 Instrumental,Airinessa 1:44 Instrumental,Afterthought 1:17 Instrumental,Action0:47 Instrumental,Actress1:36 Instrumental, Activity1:09 Instrumental,BE MYSELF!4:11 Vocal (Japanese),Behavior1:16 Instrumental,Blaze1:33 Instrumental,Business1:35 Instrumental,Bloom1:27 Instrumental,By-Road1:25 Instrumental,Babe1:17 Instrumental,YOU?RE MINE4:53 Vocal (Japanese),Eye-Catcher0:14 Instrumental,Concentration1:47 Instrumental,Counterattack2:45 Instrumental,Crush0:49 Instrumental,EXTRICATION (TV Size)1:19 Vocal (Japanese),Darkness1:06 Instrumental,Deathtrap1:02 Instrumental,Deletion0:47 Instrumental,Destiny1:12 Instrumental,Destruction1:30 Instrumental,Infinity (TV Size)1:40 Vocal (Japanese),Eternity1:16 Instrumental,Enigma1:15 Instrumental,Evil0:59 Instrumental,Eccentric0:58 Instrumental,Enjoyment1:04 Instrumental,Emotion1:06 Instrumental,Event1:33 Instrumental,Entertainment2:04 Instrumental,Earth1:14 Instrumental,Explanation1:50 Instrumental,Embrace1:47 Instrumental,EXTRICATION4:38 Vocal (Japanese)

Review Equipment
Total CD Length: 68:17


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