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By Rob M. Worley     July 07, 2010
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Will the Amazon hit the big screen?
© DC Comics

Lost art from Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman  movie arrives online. Plus: New art for Scott Pilgrim vs The World! More casting buzz on X-Men: First Class. New reports from The Walking Dead and more! Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head, it's your Comics2Film 10.7.7!




Rodriguez Says SIN CITY 2, MADMAN in the Works

Out doing press for Predators, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez told Movieweb that he still aims to make the comic adaptations Sin City 2 and Madman.

The former seems like a no-brainer. They  hit it big with the first Sin City (ranked as the #4 comic book movie of all time on Mania's mega-list) and the sequel was already charted out by the graphic novels. Still, five years later, Rodriguez still does not appear to be chomping at the bit to return to that franchise.

"It's in the same place as always, I'm working on the script," he answered. "I'm trying to actually find the time to do it because I know I'm doing Spy Kids 4: Armageddon next."

He said Sin City 2 could fit in after the Spy Kids movie.

More frustrating for Mike Allred fans is the long-languishing Madman movie. Rodriguez has held the film rights for about twelve years. At frequent points, revealed in numerous interviews over the years, both Allred and Rodriguez seemed to think the movie would be "the next thing" the filmmaker does. With the Madmen comics all but faded from existence many fans are probably thinking the movie will never happen. However, Rodriguez says it's still in the works.

"Yeah that's still on the plate too," he said. "I love that project and I talk to Mike Allred about that all the time."



TRANSFORMERS Delayed in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Transformers 3 will shoot scenes next week at the Milwaukee Art Museum. However, the planned filming at the old Tower Automotive plant on the city's north side will be delayed until August, after principal photography in Chicago is wrapped.



International poster for SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD


Empire Online has scored a nifty Scott Pilgrim vs The World exclusive. They're the first to unveil the new international poster for the film. Check it out!

Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Michael Cera, the movie opens in theaters August 13th.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Showbiz411, who has been a fount of X-Men: First Class casting news of late, confirms the news that Benjamin Walker is no longer in the movie. The blog reports that Walker has opted to do another run of his breakout stage role in "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" on Broadway.

Their spin on things: Fox is terrified over the poor box office string of 'Knight and Day, The A Team and Marmaduke and they want to make sure First Class lands on the Avatar side of the ledger.

As such, Showbiz claims they'll be looking to cast some more familiar, sexy faces in the young X-Men roles. Allegedly, they've even been inquiring as to the availability of Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner.



Frank Darabont and Greg Melton on the set of THE WALKING DEAD

More WALKING DEAD Chatter Online

Fans looking for an update on The Walking Dead can click over to USA Today. They've got a chat with Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comics on which the show is based.

Meanwhile, over at the show's official blog is a Q & A with production designer Greg Melton. Melton talks about creating the grim, zombie-infested world of the show, and how the comics influenced his designs. Here's an exceprt:

Q: How did you approach designing for The Walking Dead?

A: I did Tales From the Crypt for many years, and I always approached that show from a realism standpoint -- trying to set up a realistic world, and then let the surreal horror spin out of it. And that's the strategy I've taken with this, to root it in reality as much as possible and let Rick move through this world and see it get more and more skewed. A great example is when he wakes up in the hospital. It just gets worse and worse. It's like there was a running gun battle through this hospital. There were grenades. He comes outside and it looks like Dachau. Then as he comes to the parking lot, there's going to be an entire military hospital unit that's been overrun. It just keeps unfolding. When you read the comic, Rick walks outside and there's a car crashed into a tree. [Laughs] I'm like, "OK yeah, we'll do this burned out bus and dump trucks stacked with bodies."

Q: What visual inspiration did you get from the comics?

A: It's like having a storyboard of the whole production. Usually I get a storyboard of an effects sequence or an action sequence. But it's very interesting to have something from beginning to end. There are a lot of iconic images in that graphic novel that we have taken into the series. People will go, "Oh yeah that's the downtown Atlanta shot." For instance the police station in the graphic novel: One day I was driving around and saw right behind our production office this little brick building that looked exactly like the police station. So there are a lot of points like that, and then the hospital is something we really took to a whole new level as far as the devastation and really showing for the first time the scale of the apocalypse in Rick's town.



GREEN HORNET International Trailer

There's a new International Trailer for The Green Hornet online. To be honest, it looks a lot like the previous one:



Lost Artwork from Joss Whedon's WONDER WOMAN Film

Last week yon interwebs were grumbling over DC Comics' plans to revamp Wonder Woman's costume and continuity. To the horror of some, the Amazon Princess' new look has her wearing black pants and a black jacket. Speculation by many is that this was all some attempt to make her more film-friendly for the development execs at DC Entertainment.

Now, Hollywood costume designer Shawna Trpcic has posted her designs for the character, which were commissioned by Joss Whedon a few years back when he was attached to direct the movie. Guess what? Black jacket and black pants, at least on a few renderings. However, these designs retain more of the traditional Wonder Woman elements than the new comic designs do.

Trpcic (it's pronounced "terp-sick") has worked with Whedon on Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. Click the thumbnails for a larger images:

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.

Click though for the complete interview.



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9. Pre-order issues #1 and #2 for the young reader in your life!


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Wiseguy 7/7/2010 6:54:42 AM

Yeah Fox go and try to cast the Twilight stars to headline the X-Men, that'll land the film on the ledger side of Avatar, NOT. Fucking idiots

Darkknight2280 7/7/2010 7:09:09 AM

Is it their lot in life to rape EVERY marvel property they get their hands on? I mean i dont even think they use lube! Fox if you want to make any money you need to strike a deal with Marvel/Disney on the rights and let them have control!!!

monkeyfoot 7/7/2010 7:21:49 AM

Taylor Lautner!?! (Squeal!...Sigh...Faint) To be honest, I've never seen any of the Twilight movies so I have no idea about his acting ability, but I see no reason not to try and get him. As long as the casting of well known hunks and babes doesn't compromise a well told story with good acting. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as Cyclops and Jean Grey?

Don't like the new WW costume. Makes her look like the cool hiphop chick trying to get attention at a dance club. Diana , in whatever costumes they come up with, should look like the demi-goddess she is.

jfdavis 7/7/2010 7:49:58 AM

Not having seen any Twilight movies, my only exposure to Lautner was as Taylor Swift's bf in Valentine's Day. Easily the worst storyline in the movie but I digress. There probably is a X-role for him but Beast, as I assume we're taling about here is definitely not one of them.  Maybe Colossus or one of the more "thuggier" characters like Avalanche...  Casting, and story, was, perhaps surprisingly, spot-on with The A-Team so sticking "wet dreams for 12 year old girls" so to speak in the movies will not help the box office.  Justin Beiber for Leech! 

The fact Whedon's peeps designed a "compromise costume" for WW doesn't surprise me. Both Bullock, and even Fox, turned the role down was due to the bathing suit.  I stil think it's funny the new suit in the comics is basically the same suit Firestar had in the '90's...    

Duggernaut 7/7/2010 8:07:09 AM

I'm not picky about the casting for the new x men flick as long as the people they pick can act and some what resemble the characters. I don't like that the are screwing with the story line and throwing in stuff so it will look pretty. X men is about substance not flashy gimmicks.

If fox wants a movie like that do a reboot of the power rangers movie. Darkknight is absolutley right as they are not even using lube to fuck this one over. I guess they figure any xmen title no matter how stupid the story will make money. The movie will make money but not as much as they want , damage the leagacy and hurt the chances of a sequel.

cinemaman72 7/7/2010 9:14:59 AM

Actually if they were going to cast Lautner as a young Forge I would be okay with that. But really I can't see him playing any Cyclops, Beast, Angle or Iceman -the later of the four aren't even born around the time of the movie).

littlemikey979 7/7/2010 9:19:29 AM

Rodriguez is doing Sex and the City.... oh Sin City.

It seems the more I hear about X:Men the less I am interested. Does Fox not care at all what they do. Maybe there is some bad blood between Marvel and Fox and thats why things are rolling the way they are. As much as I complain I'll probably end up seeing it anyway.

Rheul_home 7/7/2010 9:32:29 AM


They have to change Wonder Woman. Her back story is horrible and her costume is even worse. Its fine if you want to make a fanboy strokefest but to be taken seriously they have to make drastic changes.


I dont care if the Twilight guy is in X-Men... Hes gotta work too... and his presence cannot possibly make things worse.He could play Jean Gray and it wouldn't matter to me. At this point the X-Franchise bares no resemblance to the comic anyway so just let Fox do their own thing. I wont be paying to watch it anyway.


violator14 7/7/2010 9:45:03 AM

THere u go Rheul Home- he could TOTALLY play Jean Grey or the White Queen!

WHy oh why do the Marvel fans have to be tortured this way!? What did we do to deserve this!?!?! Someone should bust a Project Mayhem and bomb all the Fox Studios and buildings to the ground!!! Fox you fukin fuks can go fukin fuk yourselves up ur own fukin assssholes.

redvector 7/7/2010 9:49:30 AM

I've noticed that Marvel's site makes no mention of any casting news for either X-men nor Spiderman. I feel that both X-men and Spiderman franchise's are played out and these will either tank outright or not make the money they'd hoped. In which case they'll let the rights lapse.

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