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Differences between smartphones, what are they?

The smartphone has become a standard tool for many people. These phones work with an operating system (Android, Windows CE, Windows 7, Palm OS, Mac OS, Blackberry), each program is designed for a specific type of phone.

The Palm OS was one of the first types of software available smartphones. It was created in 1996 for the mobile computing market. The Palm OS allows users to write, keep track of tasks, and manage their calendars, which was not previously possible on all phones.

With the advent of PDA, many companies created competing devices, including mobile devices. The BlackBerry is designed to send and receive e-mails on a remote device. This technology has transformed the smartphone and the smartphone is a device widely used in industry.

The next generation was that of Windows and has access to mobile versions of Microsoft Office. This includes both an Excel spreadsheet and word processing software Microsoft. Was the first Windows Mobile software capable of providing advanced data processing on portable devices for mobile phones.

Among the software more sophisticated smartphones, there are those who operate the iPhone and GoogleDroid. Both devices offer advanced graphics processing capabilities and computer with internet. The iPhone was created by Apple Corporation. This phone uses a lightweight version of the operating system Mac OS. It works with software that requires a special operating system Mac to make changes on the phone.

Google Android smartphone features similar to the iPhone, but run on the Java open standard. This phone is a direct competitor to the iPhone. It provides graphs and similar capabilities to the user, but Android has more opportunities due to open access to free tools to create applications for the Internet.

The Windows 7 is one of the latest software for smartphones. This phone is based on a mobile version of the Windows operating system with many modern features. Windows Phone provides a simplified version of the Windows interface. windows smartphone


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