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Walking Dead: New Finale Spot and Clip

The end is coming...

By Robert T. Trate     March 25, 2013
Source: televisionpromos

Well it only took one whole day and already there is a new clip and a finale trailer for Season 3 of The Walking Dead. “Welcome to the Tombs” will be the final episode of the third season of The Walking Dead. It airs Easter Sunday, March 31st, 2013, only on AMC. 

Promo "Welcome to the Tombs"

Sneak Peek #2 "Welcome to the Tombs"


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DarthBob 3/26/2013 6:50:46 AM

My predictions: Notice out in the fields around the prison there are no walkers.  I suspect that Rick and crew are going all Saw on the Governor and booby trapped the prison.  I predict that Rick et all circle back to Woodbury to get Andrea.  This is when they finally connect with Tyrese (didn't see him among the Governor's crew attacking the prison).  The Governor crawls back to Woodbury after most of his crew dies in the prison.  Rick wants to keep the Governor alive as a prisoner then Maggie promptly dispatches his sorry a$$.  Rick et al settle in Woodbury and next season have to contend with a massive swarm of walkers moving through the area and are forced to abandon Woodbury for a new location.

JonnyRotten 3/26/2013 8:24:31 AM

 I like your idea DarthBob .. I'd watch it.


ElBaz13 3/26/2013 9:04:17 AM

Sigh....I miss Merle already. :(

I was hoping to have him in the final all out battle.

ElBaz13 3/26/2013 9:05:53 AM

I have to say this is the best Walking Dead season ever.

The first one was good but too short at 6 episodes.

The second one was all over the map (which is why Darabont walked out). Too many stretch plot episodes in one location to save on budget turned me off.

This season is fantastic. Too bad it's ending now. :(

xJokersxWildx 3/26/2013 11:09:06 AM

Only problem is the Gov will not die. It will appear he does but he'll be around for Season 4.

Mark my words.

elrushbo 3/26/2013 12:28:25 PM

ANOTHER season sitting in ONE location?? BORING! SO DAMN BORING!!

elrushbo 3/26/2013 12:30:25 PM

Doesn't anyone have ham radios? Hard to believe the military has nothing but some starving nobodies can make it

momitchell7 3/26/2013 3:12:47 PM

You've gotta love the classic John Carpenter sounding music in the clip.

I will say that I started off loving this season. but then it just seemd to get stuck in the mud over the last third, or so. I'm glad we finally go to this part, but it seemed like it should have come three or even four weeks ago.

I haven't read the comics, but if there's over 100 issues, which seems like plenty of material to work off of, so I don't understand why these last two seasons had to have such long dragging points to them.

blankczech 3/27/2013 10:36:01 PM

 elrushbo  ham radio's??...why don't they have tons of things...there are no laws...it's a looters heaven out there...why don't they have generators, 18 wheelers... whatever.  Instead they run out to get baby formula.  

One of the smartest things I've seen on the show was when Merle went and got himself a bottle in the last episode.  I would think alcohol would be a staple in a post apocalyptic world.

I hope they kill off almost all of them and start next season with new characters and a fresh perspective.  A Mania commenter said in an earlier thread that the title of the show "The Walking Dead" was actually referring to the humans, not the walkers and I agree him.  Rick's group doesn't have a vision, or a plan, or a future...




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