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  • Age Rating: All
  • Released By: Geneon Anime Music
  • MSRP: 14.98
  • Aspect Ratio: 52152
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: L/R (Licensed by Royal)

L/R Original Soundtrack

By Tiffani Nadeau     July 31, 2005
Release Date: November 04, 2003

L/R Original Soundtrack
© Geneon Anime Music

What They Say
The world of high-tech gadgetry, stylish secret agents, shadowy espionage, rock music, soul, and even the blues all collide together in the new L/R, Licensed by Royalty Original Soundtrack. Seductive, lively and even Beatles-esque in sound, this CD features 13 soulful songs, including the opening theme song, "Go where no ones gone before" by R&B artist Billy Preston!

The Review!
4 out of 5
L/R (Licensed by Royalty) Original Soundtrack, Vocal Side.
Music found in the L/R series.

This CD comes with a ten-page insert. The first page is a full color picture of the two main characters. Following this is the song title list. The next six pages have the lyrics (English) to all the songs. The last two pages are made up of credits. One page is credits for each individual song, the other is the credits for the CD as well as the show.

The music in this one is definitely rock. It ranges from the feel of an eighties Hairband to the feel of the Beatles. Those power ballads that survived the 80’s rock world are even included. The music is really good, and it flows from one track to another very well. The bass beats and melodies are most assuredly the ones that stand the test of time. The music fits the situation in the series in a way that reminds me simply of magic. Stand alone, it also rocks, and keeps the mood of the series throughout. My biggest problem is with the Engrish in some of the songs. I am by no means against Engrish, I occasionally find it amusing, however, in some of the songs it is so bad, it is hard to understand what is being said, hence why it is Engrish and not English. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but with these ones, the confusion of what you are listening to takes away from the song. Instead of ignoring the words, and just hearing the beat, and the feel of the song, I find myself uncontrollably trying to decipher the badly pronounced Engrish. I realize that this is a fault in the song, and shouldn’t affect the overall feel of the CD, but the distraction from the music hurts the song, and just brings down the whole cohesive feel of the CD. Luckily, this is only a problem in two songs, so the CD itself is still a treasure.

I’d have to say worth struggling through the bad Engrish to get to the good songs!

Fangboy says…Me likies!!! Lotsa!

The Law of Perfect Pride4:37Vocal (English),Home Town Blues4:24Vocal (English),Breath a Sky2:45Vocal (English, Scat),Luck Will Turn Someday4:11Vocal (English),Always3:19Vocal (English),Five-eighths4:11Vocal (English),All I Need is Your Smile3:00Vocal (English),ANGE ~ Island Ver.3:57Vocal (English),Tell Me Something True4:53Vocal (English),Peace of Mind3:40Vocal (English),Something Missing3:34Vocal (English),Wishing Moment ~ TV Edt.1:32Vocal (Japanese),Go Where No One Goes Before3:27Vocal (English)

Review Equipment
Total CD Length: 47:30


The law of perfect pride

Programming & Guitar : Masaki Iehara

Home Town Blues

A.Guitar, Banjo & Harp : Satori Shiraishi

E. Guitar & Chorus : Akio Shimizu

E. Bass & Shaker : Unzen

Breath a sky

Programming, Guitar & Chorus : Kiyoto Komatsu

Chorus : Saori Yamada, Keiichi Nozaki, Kazuki Matsui

Luck will turn someday

Drums : Shoichiro Asou

E. Bass : Masahiko Rokukawa

Guitar : Kazuki Baba

A. Piano & Organ : Toshifumi Shibata

Glockenspiel : Masala Nishid.

Chorus : Shinji Kakizima


E. Guitar : Yoshiki Fukuyama

Programming & keyboards : Keiichi Nozaki


Drums : Takeomi Kokubun

E. Bass : Yuji Ishii

A&E Guitar : Toshio Uchida from The love

Programming, Keyboards & A. Piano :

Sumitada Azumano

Background Harmony : Kentarou Uehara, YUKA

All I need is your smile

Drums : Shoichiro Asou

E. Bass : Masahiko Rokukawa

Guitar : Kazuki Baba

A. Piano & Rhodes : Keita Egusa

Strings : Yae Nishikawa quartet

Programming : Masala Nishid.

ANGE ~Island ver.

Guitar, Mandalin & Bouzouki : Hirokazu Ogura

Programming : Masala Nishid.

Background Chorus & Percussion Children : Kamisaku Elementary School’s Children Chorus (Shouta Arisaka, Mai Ikehata,

Eri Goto, Kouki Goto, Chika Kobayashi, Azusa Naganuma, Hiroko Nozaki, Aya Hokari, Saki Mizuochi)

Percussion : Nami Mizuochi, Fumiya Nozaki

Tell me something true

Drums : Shoichiro Asou

E. Bass : Masahiko Rokukawa

Guitar : Kazuki Baba

A. Piano & Chorus : Shinji Kakizima

Programming : Masala Nishid.

Peace of mind

Guitar : Hirokazu Ogura

A. Piano : Keita Egusa

E. Bass : Masala Nishid.

Strings : Yae Nishikawa quartet

Chorus : Shinji Kakizima

Something missing

Guitar : Hirokazu Ogura

A. Piano : Keita Egusa

E. Bass & Programming : Masala Nishid.

Strings : Yae Nishikawa quartet

Chorus : Shinji Kakizima

Wishing moment ~ TV EDIT

Drums : Reichi

E. Bass : Mikio Ariga

Guitar & Mandolin : Yoshiyuki Sahashi

Percussion : Marie Oishi

Programming : Masala Nishid.

Chorus : Mikako Takahashi

Go where no ones gone before

Drums : Reichi

E. Bass : Mikio Ariga

Guitar : Yoshiyuki Sahashi

Percussion : Marie Oishi

Horn : Takuo Yamamoto, Masakuni Takeno, Kouji Nishimura, Toshio Araki from solid brass


Produced by : Keiichi Nozaki

Sound Produced by : Masala Nishid.

Cooperated with : Akio Matsuda (PIONEER LDC)

Recorded & Mixed by : Takashi Koiwa

Recorded by : Akira Kobayashi, Masala Nishid.

Billy’s track Recorded by : Keith Lewis at L.A.

Mastered by : Hiroshi Kawasaki (FLAIR)

Management Producer : Shirou Sasaki

Head of Promotion : Hiroyuki Abe

A&R Desk : Etsuyo Onishi

Sales Promotion : Toshiyuki Nakajima, Kou Yamashita

Theme song project Co-Producer : Cherry Kaoru Hulsey

Cover Illustration : Masahiro Sato

Designer : Takafumi Yamanishi

Post Pro Editior : Ayumi Hara

Special Thanks To

Rodena Preston & Billy’s family

Akihiro Kawamura (PIONEER LDC)

Yoko Matsuzaki (Fuji Television)

Nagateru Kato, Ikuko Tomizuka

Masataka Ito

Itsurou Kawasaki


Executive Producer : Henry Goto (Pioneer Entertainment)

Producer : Nobu Yamamoto (Pioneer Entertainment)

Mastering : Mack • Nightjar

English Packaging : KGI • Koyo Graphic, Inc.


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