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Dazzler 8/28/2009 4:29:15 AM

I don't care about this article.

But I wanted to know if Naurto is coming back soon to toon network?   I miss that show.


insaneben 8/28/2009 10:57:29 AM

I think Bandai's mostly at fault for Lucky Star's mishandling (and more). Over the course of 2009, they've:

-Cancelled the limited edition of Lucky Star v.6 (ever hear of the phrase "finish what you started", Bandai?)

-Gone subtitle-only on the Lucky Star OVA, Kannagi and the .hack/G.U. trilogy.

-Cancelled the box sets for FLAG and Zegapain (two underrated shows that deserve a collected release in order to garner more attention).

-Recall DVDs due to defects (which, honestly, isn't new and been happening consistently for a number of years) and delay/cancel titles mere days before they're set to be released.

-Stretched-out (stagnated?) Code Geass R2's release schedule/strategy to four DVD sets instead of three (somebody didn't get the memo that half- or full-season box sets are the way to go, and that singles no longer sell as well).

-Vowed to go sub-only on any and all future releases (including Hayate The Combat Butler) except for any series set to broadcast on TV. (Seriously? TV's dead, and YouTube's the box it's buried in. Sounds like a lame excuse to me, especially since none of Funimation's recent releases have been seen on any major cable networks, save for Afro Samurai.)

I have a feeling Bandai's following the old "Badai Visual" strategy (minus the ridiculously-astronomical prices and odd release formats... sort of), and we all know how well that worked out. I'm not sure what Bandai's financial situation is, but seeing this sort of fandom alienation running throughout the year has been nothing short of absurd and appalling. I'd expect this sort of behavior from ADV/Sentai, but not a multi-national conglomerate like Bandai-Namco. I hope they realize the foolishness of their past decisions and go back to how they did things last year (and yes, foolish as it may sound, I'm still holding out for dubs for True Tears, Gunbuster 1 and 2, Hayate The Combat Butler, Blu-Ray releases for Cowboy Bebop and Escaflowne [the TV series, not the movies], and proper, affordable Blu-Ray releases for FLCL and Wings of Honneamise). Otherwise... well, I'd rather not say it, but Funimation could be the only warhorse in the town of U.S. anime distribution if things don't turn around for Bandai and they start listening to both marketing trends AND fan requests.

And yet, fandom itself is not without sin. At the end of 2007, Haruhi wasn't one of the biggest sellers (Funimation's Fullmetal Alchemist, Witchblade and Afro Samurai, plus Manga Entertainment's Karas were amongst the top ten, though), and Bandai ended up with a whole lot of limited editions gathering dust. I'm not sure what exactly went wrong, since Bandai and Kadokawa marketed the hell out of it, but perhaps the show was a little too surreal for mainstream anime fans (again, I'm no marketing major, so correct me if I'm wrong). Then there's the fansub issue, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

I also remember Lucky Star not exactly getting a warm reception here when it was first released on DVD. My guess is the series was too hardcore for mainstream anime fans (it did have a boatload of references and in-jokes that would've sailed over the average anime fan's head). Despite this, the first printing of the Lucky Star manga sold like hotcakes (which makes me wonder if the manga should've been released first).

To summarize, Bandai's the one at fault, fandom deserves a little bit of the blame, and Bandai needs to start paying attention to Funimation or risk sharing Geneon's fate.

To Dazzler: try posting in a relevant topic. And no, Naruto Shippuden will not be airing on Cartoon Network this fall (I blame CN's terrible programming decisions and Viz Media's lack of assertion over airing it on TV).

METR0lD 8/28/2009 1:02:12 PM

 Totally agree insaneben. Bandai's mismanagement has burned fans so much over the last year, that I'm amazed they haven't gone the way of ADV yet. My biggest complaint by FAR, is their near weekly delays of their biggest releases. It's almost like clockwork now to expect another Code Geass or Gundam 00 delay every week or so. Worse yet, is when they do this literally only a week or two before the "current" release dates. It's like a constant spit in the face to fans.



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