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Lucky Star Shrine Back in the News

Town merger gains notice due to Lucky Star

By Chris Beveridge     March 12, 2010
Source: Manichi Newspaper

Washimiya Shrine
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The town of Washimiya in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan is once again in the news as the town is undergoing a name change as it's merging with two other towns. The town has gained a lot of attention in the last couple of years due to the anime series Lucky Star as it has attracted tourists both from Japan and elsewhere, as you can see in the video attached at the bottom here. The anime series had two of its main characters as shrine maidens for the shrine here and that caused something of a pilgrimage for those in Japan to go and see it as well as foreigners who have come to enjoy the show making the trek there. Even the Wall Street Journal chimed in on it back at the start of 2009 as the reported that hundreds of thousands of visitors went to the  traditional shrine visits over the New Year’s holiday. At the time of that writing, visitors had reportedly spent 42 million yen on Lucky Star food and goods, including some 20,000 charms.

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