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  • Age Rating: All
  • Region: 2 - Europe
  • Released By: Other
  • MSRP: 49900 Lire @
  • Running time: 120 @
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Lupin the 3rd

Lupin III TV 1st Season


Lupin III TV 1st Season
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What They Say

The Review!
Character presentation

Lupin III is grandson of famous French thief Arsene Lupin. His gang is composed by Daisuke Jigen, a great gunman, Goemon Ishikawa XIII, the samurai you can cut everything with his own Zantetsuken, and Fujiko Mine, Lupin's girlfriend but often his rival. Lupin is followed by inspector Zenigata of Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

About DVD version
At last it's available whole 1st TV series with censorship. This version contains 1st Italian dubbing made in 1979, in fact it has got some errors into dialogues, poor in voice numbers (only 4 actors into 1st part of series), but main voice characters very good (most of all those ones of Lupin and Zenigata).
TV series has divided on 5 discs.
Each volume (1~4) contains:
1. five episodes
2. special features:
· A presentation (or file) of 4 pages with original settei (Pilot Film and TV Series) of each personage, 1st volume has got FILE Lupin III, 2nd one on Jigen, 3rd on Goemon, 4th on Fujiko and 5th on Zenigata
5th volume contains:
1. Last three episodes
2. Special features:
· Italian trailer of DVD version;
· all original opening and closing songs (4 openings and 1 closing, but there is one error, because there aren't two variations of 2nd opening and other two variations of closing)
· Pilot Film (13 min of presentation of characters, it made in 1969) in its two version: Cinemascope (letterbox) and in Full screen (this movie is only in Japanese language with subtitles).

Episodes are edited as a movie, namely without opening and closing, episode trailers has been cut because they dubbed in Italian in 1979. In the beginning there is original Italian opening song of 1979, it has got same video of last Japanese opening, but it has as audio: Planet O, a song in English sung by Daisy Daze and The Bumble Bees, here in Italy it's considered more beautiful than original Japanese song: Lupin '71. In the end there is original Japanese closing song with Italian credits.

Video Quality
The video has got from Japanese tape masters, in fact image is clean, bright colors, some defect (if you are perfectionist) because of film age. There is some artifact into opening and closing, into episodes in dark scenes if you are very careful.

The Japanese video has got good but (only for this episode) into 2nd part of episodes #17 (4th disc) there is a change of tape, the deterioration is much evident, worse contrast, shelled image, dirty colors. I think that this detoriation is of original Japanese tapes, I have listened that it is present also on anime-comics version of TV series.

Audio Quality
That Italian is very good ^_^, it's been cleaned and there is also a remix in DD5.1 (I preferred Italian subtitles :( ), but it is very important because TV series has born in mono in Japan. Original Japanese track has got a lower volume then Italian mono, it isn't been cleaned.

I advise to all Japanese fans, because it is cheaper for them ^_^, and American fans could help with scripts there are on the Net.

Italian mono (1979),Italian remixed on DD5.1 from mono master,Japanese (1971)

Review Equipment
PC with Realmagic H+, monitor 17'' ADI ProVista, 1024x768, soundblaster 128 PCI.


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