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Lured to the 'Trailer Park of Terror' by Michelle Lee

By Rob M. Worley     August 20, 2007

The upcoming 'Trailer Park of Terror', based on the comics by Christopher March and James Dracoules, features a host of frightening characters that inhabit the title homestead. However, not all of them are horrifying at first glance.

Trailer Park of Terror Album

Case in point: Miss China Girl, played by martial arts beauty Michelle Lee. At the recent Comic-Con in San Diego, Lee talked to Comics2Film about her role in the ensemble of horrors that is 'Trailer Park of Terror'.

"This is a trailer park that you probably don't want to stop at if you're anybody alive," said Lee. "I play Miss China Girl. She's a businesswoman. She runs a massage business and she's in the business of attracting truckers, killing them and taking their money. So it's a win-win situation with her."

Lee, a black belt martial artist has appeared in stunt roles in many films (including the recent 'Pirates of the Caribbean 3'). She told us that horror films are closely related to action movies.

Trailer Park of Terror Album

"Someone is always running or slashing or doing something extremely physical at some point in a horror movie, so it's the same kind of mentality," Lee said, laughing.

"You have to get bloody. You have to be cold. You have be covered in stickiness and KY jelly. You get really physical with everything and it's not a cushy dialogue job."

While her role in 'Trailer Park' did require her to get physical and perform some stunts, it is a significant acting role in the film, a step up from the minor acting jobs she's had in TV shows like 'Numb3rs' and movies like '50 First Dates'.

"I based my performance on what Miss China Girl's motivation is. She's a businesswoman. She's serious. She wants to do what she wants to do and no one's gonna get in her way," Lee said. "So I got into character that way, just thinking about what her objective is and then the rest of the character came from that."

Trailer Park of Terror Album

We asked her if it was better to have a bigger role in a smaller production or a small part in a huge production.

"This is definitely independent filmmaking. It's different but they're both great. In 'Pirates' you have such a fantastic amount of money, basically and everything is comfortable and great to work with," Lee said. "Something like this, it's lower budget, the food isn't as good and this and that, but the people are real hard-working people. They're in it for the team."

And is the actress eyeing any comic-book superheroine roles? Without hesitating Lee said, "Shi, before rattling off her other favorites. "I would have loved to get Elektra. There are a couple of X-Men: Psylocke! I need to talk to Brett Ratner."

While there's no telling if Ratner will be making another 'X-Men' movie, Comics2Film was able to introduce Lee to 'Shi' creator Billy Tucci, who immediately cast her as his cover model for his upcoming comic series.

Lee's star trajectory is definitely on the rise. From stunt parts and minor roles, to a significant character in 'Trailer Park'...the next stop: toplining the action movie 'The Vanquisher' which begins filming this month. Her co-star in that one is martial arts superstar Ray Park.

In the mean time, watch for her in 'Trailer Park of Terror', coming in 2008!


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