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The Flash: City of Heroes Review (Article) - 10/8/2014 9:44:37 AM

 I really enjoyed it.  As for it being rushed, it seemed appropriate since it is a Flash tv series.  It definitely shows that different series in a shared universe can have a different "feel" to them.  I also think the majority of viewers know Flash's origin story, so rushing though it was fine with me.  For those who didn't know it, there was enough there to let them know what to expect.  Also, at least the origin story is done and isn't still playing out in flashbacks 3 seasons later.

The cast seems really good and the villains they have lined up will make for a good time.  I'm definitely coming back next week.  


Gotham: Selina Kyle Review (Article) - 10/1/2014 10:54:30 AM

Really enjoying this so far.  I don't mind the campy villains at all as long as they help tell a good story.  Did anyone notice the references to the Toymaker in the episode.  Could this be a big bad for the season?

 "how long it can last being centered around Gordon."  That's the whole premise of the show.  The story of how Jim Gordon cleaned up the Gotham Police Deparment and influenced a young Bruce Wayne into becoming the hero he is today.  Throw in the early mis-adventures of Gotham's villains and you have a show that could run for a good number of years.  Not sure what you're expecting.

I heard an interview on the radio with the kid who plays Bruce.  He said the Bruce Wayne part was supposed to be minimal with a cameo here and there but the producers liked him so much they made him a regular.  Think of the fanboy bitching that would have erupted if we had Gotham without Bruce Wayne.  

So because Ray Rice beat up his fiance, falsely accusing a cop of molesting her is in poor taste.  Not sure of the correlation there, Blank.

I noticed Selina's eyes early in the episode last night too.  She does have a similar look to Michelle Pfeiffer.





Avengers: Age Of Ultron Official Plot Synopsis Released (Article) - 9/16/2014 10:21:52 AM

 So by "jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program" are they leaving the door open to Hank Pym having created the original program with Stark picking up the progress years later?  I hope so.

When Marvel Got Diversity and Character Changes Right! (Article) - 8/5/2014 1:46:36 PM

How is making Thor a woman any different than making the god of thunder an alien, a frog, a cameraman or some big blonde dude?  If it turns out to be a good story, all the better.  If it helps promote a new female hero who, after relinquishing the hammer back to Thor, decides to continue doing the hero thing, then how is that a bad thing?  I think the only difference we're seeing is the Disney publicity machine in full force promoting one of its divisions.

Mania Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (Article) - 7/31/2014 12:28:31 PM

 The first showing here in Columbus is 7:00 in IMAX 3D.  That's where I'll be.  Good review, Rob.

Eva Green - Sin City 2 Banned Poster (Article) - 5/29/2014 11:29:47 AM

 Prudes.  It's perfectly acceptable to show us gratuitous violence but the gods forbid we should be shown anything sexual.  Stupidly rediculous.  Not just the MPAA but all across the media.  Maybe if we didn't glorify violence the way our society does, it'd be less appealing.  Who knows.  

I agree with Moz72.  I want one of these and I haven't bought a movie poster in a whole bunch of years.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Beginning of the End Review (Article) - 5/14/2014 7:49:35 PM

 @reek - We'll get the chance to see how they handle the more "adult themes" promised in the four Netflix series.

The Flash - First Look (Article) - 5/14/2014 7:39:36 PM

I approve.

FIRST PHOTO: Batman and Batmobile (Article) - 5/13/2014 2:21:53 PM

 I like the suit and the Batmobile.  Like has been said before, Snyder is great with visuals.  Now if he could handle better storytelling, he'd be great.

I'm holding out hope for Eisenberg as a very young Lex Luthor.  Watch "Now You See Me" to see him being the smartest man in any room he's in (almost).  Ramp that arrogance up a bit and he'll be just fine.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Ragtag Review (Article) - 5/9/2014 5:53:28 AM

 Dammit Eldogg.  You beat me to it.  




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