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Big Bang Theory Gets Syndicated (Article) - 5/18/2010 6:31:01 AM

karas1 - I think he means Kripke.  The jerk with the speach impediment who was Sheldon's nemesis.

Fincher for 20,000 Leagues (Article) - 5/17/2010 10:56:46 AM

You're right Rheul.  They won't.  But Beacham won't stay true to a novel.  He couldn't stay true to a movie when he wrote the script for Clash.  I don't have faith in either.  But if I had to choose, I'd go with Disney.  Loved the original and hopefully they'll respect that.

NBC Cancels HEROES (Article) - 5/14/2010 6:11:38 PM

They did ponyboy ... they cancelled the original Law & Order.

Colm Feore Talks THOR Role (Article) - 5/13/2010 10:32:37 AM

Judge Dredd - Just keep the stinkin' helmet on.

First Look: GREEN LANTERN's Hector Hammond (Article) - 5/11/2010 8:49:49 AM

I thought that was the kid from Mask.

Durand Joining REAL STEEL (Article) - 5/7/2010 6:21:05 AM

Wasn't this the plot of a 5th Season original Twilight Zone episode called "Steel"?  Lee Marvin played the manager of a broken down robot boxer.  When the robot can't perform, Marvin's character puts a robot suit on and fights in its place.

Spielberg Directing WAR HORSE (Article) - 5/4/2010 6:38:09 AM

They're doing this live action?  I think it would work better as an animated feature.

LAST AIRBENDER Hits 3D (Article) - 4/23/2010 6:10:46 AM


Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (Article) - 4/22/2010 6:00:11 AM

I would too.  The coup for this would be an interview with Johnny Depp about his first feature film experience. 

McQuarrie Pens GIANT KILLER (Article) - 4/22/2010 5:55:34 AM

Lame.  There'd better be magic beans.


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