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Chuck: Chuck Vs the Tic Tac Review (Article) - 3/18/2010 7:20:30 AM

heath0920 - imdb lists Yvonne Strahovski as being 5' 9 1/4".  Not exactly short.  Bonita's website lists her as 5'3".  So yes, she is REALLY short.

I really enjoyed this episode.  Changes the dynamic of the team.

I'm still not sure what decision was made between Ellie and Awesome.  Are they staying or going? 

Hyde Protects FIREWALL (Article) - 3/18/2010 7:00:36 AM

I was thinking the same thing, Calibur.  I thought it was a little soon to remake something from 2006.

This sounds like a Bond/Bourne clone.  Not sure if there's enough there to drag me out of my recliner.

First MECHANIC Trailer (Article) - 3/18/2010 6:55:11 AM

I just watched some of the original recently on MGMHD, I believe.  Gotta love a Bronson movie with no dialogue for the first twenty minutes or so.  This remake sounds good to me.  Not sure I'll make the theater, but I will definitely make an effort to see it at some point.

One More For CONAN (Article) - 3/17/2010 10:34:02 AM

I would like to see a cut of Incredible Hulk that had the deleted scenes put back in.  After watching those, certain things made more sense and some of the awkward editing wasn't there.

10 Most Cathartic Movie Villain Defeats (Article) - 3/15/2010 7:47:25 AM

I had to come back to correct myself. 

William Atherton was on Lost.  He was the principal in the "Dr. Linus" episode.  Sorry.

Peter Graves Dies at 83 (Article) - 3/15/2010 6:43:45 AM

RIP Mr. Graves.

The old adage of celebrities dying in threes has held true.  Corey Haim, Merlin Olsen and now Peter Graves.

10 Most Cathartic Movie Villain Defeats (Article) - 3/15/2010 6:36:23 AM

Dazzler - Maybe he is unkown to you, because he's not on Lost right now, or every.  Were you thinking of William Mapother, perhaps?

Great list.  Can't argue with any of your choices.  An Honorable Mention should go to the Emperor and Hans Gruber though.

Wyatt Circling APES Prequel (Article) - 3/12/2010 10:26:45 AM

So is this a prequel to the original PotA or to Conquest?  Because, if memory serves me correctly, Caesar was Cornelious' son (thus having Roddy McDowell play both characters).  Or was there an ancestor of Cornelious/Caesar also named Caesar?  I could be down with a new story set in the same world.  A world without Tim Burton, of course.

HUMAN TARGET - 1.7 - "Salvage and Reclamation" Review (Article) - 3/12/2010 6:56:28 AM

Good episode.  B rating sounds about right.

I would like to see Bertram come back as a recurring villian.

Weaving Circling CAPTAIN AMERICA's Skull? (Article) - 3/12/2010 6:45:04 AM

Weaving is good.  But I would go with Christoph Waltz for Red Skull.  At least you'd have an actor that wouldn't have to affect a German accent.

To note, there was one scene in TDK where Ledger's face was out of make-up.  When he was disguised as a police officer at the funeral.

Thor is sounding really good.

Shut up and make the movie yourself Todd.  You have the money, I'm sure.


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