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Luv Wave

BC 2039, New York. A man under the spell of cyber psychosis enters a building with a woman as his hostage. Agent Alice is sent in to assassinate the man. As soon as her bullet tears through his body, the international computer networks are shut down, affected by the computer virus Xinn.

BC 2039, Tokyo. The international computer network security commission has ordered Agent Kaoru Mikogami with a new assignment: to assassinate hacker Mercy Spectre. His crime: stealing top secret information from the CIA databank. With Alice's help, she is able to succeed, but now his undead memory and personality ha invaded the worldwide network, invading minds of cyberdrug users. This is the technology he hacked from the CIA.... Now, Mercy is free to travel the network, becoming virtually unstoppable!

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Region 1 - North America

Luv Wave Box Set by NuTech Digital, Inc.