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Mackie Confirms Falcon Role

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Mackie Confirms Falcon Role

Winter Soldier Update

By Robert T. Trate     September 16, 2012
Source: News Day

Anthony Mackie, star of both The Hurt Locker and The Adjustment Bureau has confirmed his role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Mackie will be playing Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon. Here is excerpt from Mackie’s interview with Leslie Beale of News Day:

“I'm playing the Falcon. He's this guy in Harlem who moved to California and became a drug dealer. His plane crashed, and he was genetically altered, and he can fly, has telepathic powers. He's the first African-American superhero. It makes me feel all the work I've done has been paying off. I have a son, nephews and nieces, and I love the idea that they can dress up as the Falcon on Halloween. They now have someone they can idolize. That's a huge honor for me.”

It looks as Mackie’s Falcon will be a tad different then the one from the comic. 

If you are new to the Marvel Universe and Captain America lore here is the official word from Marvel’s own Wiki about the character:

“Sam grew up in a tough Harlem neighborhood. His father, a minister, had been killed trying to stop a fight. Sam did his best to try and do the right thing, but when his mother was killed by a mugger two years later, Sam's grief and anger consumed him. His grief and anger consumed his personality, eventually led him down a criminal path. The once-respected community volunteer took on the name of "Snap" Wilson, becoming a racketeer while working for the mob. After an assignment in Rio de Janeiro, Sam's plane crashed in a remote Caribbean island where the Red Skull and his henchmen, the Exiles, were hiding out. The Red Skull sought to use Wilson as a pawn against Captain America, who was currently on the island searching for the villain. The Skull reasoned that Wilson's idealism would appeal to the Captain enough to become his crimefighting partner. Then, at some later date, the Skull could use Wilson against his enemy. He used a Cosmic Cube to revert "Snap" into Sam and give Sam the ability to telepathically communicate with birds, especially a bird that Wilson had bought named Redwing. Sam helped Captain America defeat the Skull and did indeed become his partner as the Falcon.” (check out his further history on


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CaptAmerica04 9/16/2012 12:14:20 PM

Outstanding!  Falcon is Cap's second-best sidekick (besides Bucky, IMHO), and I can't wait to see him take flight and use his ability to talk to birds.  Hopefully he'll have Redwing, too!

Plus, I think it IS a great thing that we're going to have an African-American superhero on the big screen!

redhairs99 9/16/2012 1:36:25 PM

Isn't Sam Jackson's Nick Fury technically a super-hero or at least a hero.  Plus there's War Machine.

OmegaDean 9/16/2012 3:48:19 PM

I like Anthony Mackey. I don't know if he's the type of guy I would have pictured as the Falcon. But I guess we have to wait and see.


death4sale 9/16/2012 6:15:15 PM


In the comics, Falcon is considered to be the first African-American superhero. Emphasis on the AMERICAN. While Black Panther preceded him, he was a native to Africa. Falcon is the first introduced African-American superhero character preceding Luke Cage and Storm who was the first African female superhero. I think that's what Mackie meant in his statement.

Can't wait to see how Falcon translates to film. Are we going to get a quick origin through flashbacks.? Or is his origin going to be in modern times? Red Skull is responsible for creating Falcon using the Tessaract to mentally fuse Sam Wilson with his falcon Redwing which creates the psychic link. He eventually hones that ability to control all birds. Will we see that origin is what I want to know?

Kensai331 9/16/2012 6:18:41 PM

 I agree that another African-American super hero is needed...I just wish it would have been the Black Panther. 

tallman 9/16/2012 11:23:50 PM

 "I wish my kids would grow up idolizing drug dealers".......?

Dazzler 9/17/2012 4:48:56 AM

Now if we can just make him gay since that's what everybody wants these days right? 

It's too bad Luke cage was not made first.  I think they could do a lot with him.  Also he is an Avenger now in comics also. 

Blade is still first Marvel black superhero still. 


redvector 9/17/2012 6:53:04 AM

Looks like they're going to alter Falcon's origins a bit for the movie. I would'nt be surprised if his abliity to fly will be derived from some form of TK rather than technological means. Which is a good solution because the wing harness would probably look silly and cumbersome on screen.

ElBaz13 9/17/2012 7:38:25 AM

Kudos to Marvel to upping a more black presence in their movies. The 60s and 70s comics were too "white" (a product of its time of course) and they have grown more open in the past few years and realized its the 21st century. Especially Brian Bendis who likes adding racial diversity in his stories. (he is the reason Sam Jackson is Nick Fury in the movies)

As long as they don't replace a current major white (or whatever) character to black just to add more diversity. It wouldn't have sat well had the Will Smith as Cap rumour would have been true. Same for Bruce Banner or even Tony Stark. Marvel has a big list of ethnic characters to explore and don't need to change any (see Alicia Masters in FF, Heimdall in Thor).

Having Sam Wilson as Falcon is the first step. Although I'm not a fan of the character, I'm happy they are sticking to his roots and Cap's history and not creating some new character out of the blue to be Cap's sidekick. (Fox will probably do this or grab any Marvel character and throw him in). The next step is Black Panther and Luke Cage.

Now if only Marvel can beef up the women roles. Bring on Ms Marvel!

Wiseguy 9/17/2012 8:42:25 AM

OmegaDean I agree wholeheartedly. Mackie to me looks like too straight an arrow but we'll see what changes are made to the character for the film

I would like to see them tackle the Isaiah Bradley story in the future. That could be a solid film IMO

Anyway I still want  the Black Panther to get his own film

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