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aegrant 9/17/2012 9:15:37 AM

Effing sweet!!!!!

InnerSanctum 9/17/2012 9:21:22 AM

 Okay, these movies are starting to pile on a lot of extra characters.  We  now have Cap and a new partner going against his old side kick.  And, another villian manipulating the whole scenario.  

IMO, Black Panther should be the first and not the Falcon.  But, that is neither here or there.  Just that he is a much more interesting character.  

SeriousYelder 9/17/2012 10:27:40 AM

 Excellent this brotha' has been great in such a diverse array of movies for a long time, and its awesome to finally see him get some mainstream play. I have no doubt that he'll do justice to the falcon.

hanso 9/17/2012 2:02:03 PM

 You know what would be awesome?  A picture of Anthony Mackie to go with this damn article.

Wiseguy 9/17/2012 5:51:08 PM

LOL hanso but no one's home

OmegaDean 9/17/2012 6:17:18 PM

Yea that would be nice Hanso.


Wise the Isiah Bradley story woulkd be so sweet and such an easy translation to film


Muenster 9/18/2012 2:20:38 PM

Guess a lot people forgot about Blade.

Back in the 70's it always felt like Falcon was the token negro. I sincerely hope that the writing-in of this black super-hero makes sense, is dovetailed properly into the story, AND is not merely a pandering effort to make Captain American seem less "white-bread".

Truth be told; I was Powerfist/Luke Cage fan.

lazarus 9/18/2012 2:55:12 PM

His best work was in The Adjustment Buearu...

joe4306 9/19/2012 10:56:24 AM

dc's first black superhero was black lightning- nuff said....loi

ecrobinson 9/19/2012 1:43:56 PM

Ditto to Kensai331, Innersactum,Elisaz13, The Black Panther Movie should be the next new Marvel movie, Its right there....And I hate when its said that Djimon Hounsou,,,,,,Wesley Snipe,,,,is to old when RobetDowney Jr. is around the same age.  The Black Panther actor must be an intense and commanding present on the screen.Chiwetel Ejiofor  is also the another best fit, The Black Panther story would open all kinds of possible story lines and expand the Marvel motion picture universe, Wesley Snipe I'm told before tax issues had some rights to TBP, I love the  Blade movies I and II, And alot of fans would like for him to reprise the role. The Falcon drug dealer (smuggler) turn hero WTF...Luke Cage.....x-con who was framed....Lets see African King...Badass  hard choice.SMDH@ Hollywood

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